Prelude to Soap Play with Kyoko Maki

Uncensored Bubbly Soapy Goodness


Prelude to Soap Play with Kyoko Maki
with English Subtitles


"Tragedy of the Legends" - when super experienced actresses give performances that are almost *too* good.  We've mentioned this before without the special coinage not too long ago with TSUBAKI KATOU in a certain lesbian nanpa title, and the same we're noticing applies to other Japanese AV actresses who've been in the industry for well over the average 2 years.

KYOKO MAKI may be a relative newcomer compared to TSUBAKI's 10 years-and-counting curriculum vitae, but being very active for 5 years has given her more sexual experiences than most women--even the hyper promiscuous ones--would ever achieve by working in the field.  Actors, actresses, toys aplenty, and more have been intimate bed-friends with her and she almost certainly is on a first name basis with most industry directors.

Mind you, we're not bashing her nor her superior career.  You don't achieve *LEGEND* status by half-assing it.  However, there are times such as instances in today's title where she was rocking the orgasm at an 11/10 when taking it down a few notches to a sublunary 7 would have made for a realer and more erotic experience.  This was our thoughts going into PRELUDE TO SOAP PLAY where the first scene was all about KYOKO and her adventurous fingers.

Hearing SOAP in a title that's also uncensored really perked our ears, but we are saddened to note that again true blue soapland play is again skirted for raunchy theatrics.  As far as we know, the only title sans mosaic that features full-fledged soapland action is MONBU RAN's final title that also happens to be our all-time favorite big-name uncensored release.  Coincidence?

PRELUDE TO SOAP PLAY is not a long title, but it covers the bases of proper no-frills sex play and it's visually a treat for the ages.  Slight acting issues aside, we found it to be a good example of the extreme sexual angle recent uncensored titles aim for.  No, there's no story.  Heck, aside from the bathroom connection which barely even exists in the second--and longest--scene, not much links these scenes together.  It's just big-breasted KYOKO MAKI having the time of her life using fingers, dicks, and her tits of course.

We've a feeling most of those who opt to watch this ZENRA update will enjoy the third scene the most.  It's lightly femdom with a very naked KYOKO teasing a poor actor's erection by repeatedly withholding his freedom to ejaculate.  It starts out tame, but the latter portion features a smidgen of soapland play with erotic body-to-body washing with great examples of how titjobs should be done.

KYOKO MAKI does have a fantastic body and mammaries from another dimension.  Even ass-men which we are at ZENRA can appreciate what she brings to the table and even pushing 30, still physically outranks many new AV debutees.  We do hope she continues to star in many more titles, but does consider bringing a more realistic portrayal of an amorous woman into her role choices.  Orgasms of piercing volume followed by unchained full-body shuddering are great, but from actual experience, the real thing is a lot more subdued unless you're dating an opera singer.

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