Airi Minami After Surfing

Where Spread Legs Overcome Suspiciously Dry Hair


Airi Minami After Surfing
with English Subtitles


We're often on the fence when it comes to uncensored AV--specifically the type that stars 'named actresses'.  I was first going to write 'famous actresses', but more often than not, the majority of women who do uncensored either are amateurs, AV stars who just got into the industry and already are wavering between continuing and making a quick exit, or big names that are usually planning on retiring soon (this one's the most rare).

AIRI MINAMI probably falls under the 'fresh face AV star not sure about remaining in the industry' category of women doing uncensored work.  She debuted in 2013 and seemed to work in a high number of titles, but puttered out just a year later.  She is credited with work both in 2015 and 2016, but it's only for a small handful of releases and they may well be just compilations of previously released work.

What we're featuring in her today at ZENRA is a collection of two scenes running about an hour.  Both have a beach vibe.  It's AIRI MINAMI AFTER SURFING and NO, sorry surfing fans, but you don't ever see her on a board let alone in the water.  In fact, we were a bit flummoxed to see her walking away from the water at the beginning of the first scene.  Even though she and her actor companion (played by a Japanese actor we've seen many a time who goes by the moniker 'Italian') talked about how she was improving so much, her hair was suspiciously dry.

The conversion was extremely brief and soon enough they were back in their airy bungalow.  There--you guessed it!--private sexy times caught on tape and somebody opted not to add any mosaic.

AIRI is a surefire squealer so we highly recommend either keeping the volume down or using headphones.  If the submissive type is what you prefer in a Japanese woman, then you definitely cannot go wrong with her.  We're pretty fond of her natural looks and the pale skin fearful of UV rays is always a plus.

There's not much else we can add for this review.  Our main beef with uncensored Japanese AV (aside from amateur nanpa titles) is that they're pretty much filmed like western adult video--at least the type of releases we see big sites push out.  There's little-to-no story (hello 22 lines of subtitled dialog!), the lighting follows a 'scorched earth' policy of hiding *nothing*, and close-ups of penetration are a bit too numerous and stay way past their expiration dates.  We're aware though of the popularity of titles that skip the mosaic requirement and we'll step back now for those who truly want to devour a truly exposed and uncovered AIRI MINAMI.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 23
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