Hitomi Oki - What I Did at the Ryokan

Where Mixed Bathing Threesomes are Still a Thing


Hitomi Oki What I Did at the Ryokan
with English Subtitles


HITOMI OKI sure has a thing for Japanese bathhouses.  Our second outing with her once again features some very salacious time spent at one though this time around, it feels considerably more like an AV shoot and less an outing made by a risky couple.

Originally WHAT I DID AT THE RYOKAN (with 'ryokan' being Japanese for a traditional inn that almost always has access to a hot springs bath) was paired with the previous title we featured with her last month.  They really aren't related aside from starring the same actress.  Although both were released by the same company, it was at separate times and when it came time to release HITOMI's escapades in physical media form, they packaged these two releases together.

Honestly, the first part was a bit more enjoyable as it felt just a tad more realistic.  The service area nanpa attempt was great and while the car masturbation scene was tippy-toeing into the world of fantasy, it wasn't bad either.  It was the hallway sex at the end that made the title and fortunately when it comes to picturesque coitus, WHAT I DID does not fail.

The onsen threesome was shot with an eye to detail though once again we're baffled by how questionable the sound quality is on yet another big name uncensored release.  This seems to be a worrying trend where most money for a production of this nature is spent on the model with very little left for an actual production staff.  Titles that generally would have in upwards of ten staff members on hand may be severely reduced to three and it shows.

HITOMI OKI definitely put up a good performance.  That's one aspect of this update we're not going to poke holes in.  Not only is she a natural beauty, she knows how to best show off her lithe body and doesn't seem to mind having her most intimate areas be the center of such prurient focus.  What we did kind of mind was the final scene which featured a (mostly) clothed actor getting her off using a variety of sex toys.  Now if you really do enjoy these masturbation aid scenes, then more power to you, but the whole 'shove her full of toys until she cums!'-type encounters have become something of a scourge of uncensored Japanese AV titles.  We get it, there's no mosaic so you can have her spread eagle for minutes on end.

Nakadashi is standard for a release of this nature and it happens not once, but twice in the onsen threesome encounter.  HITOMI takes it like a champ and even asks the second actor to also finish up inside her.  This was pure 'sloppy seconds' in its most literal form, but the actor nor HITOMI had no compunctions.

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