Seira Matsuoka in Demurely Bare

Pure Paipan Threesome Uncensored


Seira Matsuoka in Demurely Bare
with English Subtitles


We definitely cannot call SEIRA MATSUOKA an A-lister.  For an AV star that's still supposedly active, her social media presence is nigh on invisible so she comes off more as a woman who may not mind the fame, but would rather not become too cozy with her fan-base.  She's not alone;  there actually are many actresses in the AV biz who remain regular faces in titles, but don't become too committed to rounding out their careers.  So yes, for every hyper-active HIBIKI OTSUKI who goes all in and then some with fan service, you've scores of women like SEIRA MATSUOKA who just want to have some lascivious fun with a hefty paycheck waiting at the end.

We've seen her not too long ago at ZENRA.  There, she first was lovingly attended to by JOE OSHIMA before taking the lead in a light femdom foot fetish scene that served as the conclusion to that brief, but fun update.

Today she returns in DEMURELY BARE, a slightly harder title featuring a lengthy threesome followed by a masturbation-with-bukkake conclusion.  The threesome featured one of AV's biggest A-list actors, JUN ODAGIRI, who not only did a fantastic job at sexing up SEIRA, but managed to avoid his asthmatic wheezing which has frequently served as a major mood-killer in previous titles.  We don't know the name of the gentleman he was paired with, but given the heterosexual tastes of most ZENRA subscribers, it's probably not that important.

SEIRA put on a good show as your stereotypical submissive Japanese AV star.  If we had to grade her in some shape and form, it would have been a check on the check-minus, check, check-plus system.  It wasn't super; we didn't feel uncontrolled frisson sussurating up and down our arms when working on the (little bit) of subtitling for this title.  She came--many times, really.  It was eventful as far as orgasms go, but it's nothing to write home about.

What we did like is just how well put together SEIRA MATSUOKA is.  She may not have gargantuan breasts, but she has a frame that is downright feminine including a very beautiful mons pubis.  We've seen actresses that have breasts from another dimension, but they're mixed and matched almost at random with bodies that are more akin to refrigerators than living goddesses so it's nice to see someone such as SEIRA who's just downright beautiful in all the ways that count the most.

SEIRA MATSUOKA still comes off as something of a mystery to us.  We'd love to see her in a title more about 'herself' that perhaps features a full interview portion.  Until then, she's more of near perfect eye candy that takes elements of what we love in AV stars and mixes it superbly with girl-next-door innocence.  Will we see her again at ZENRA?  It's possible, but the industry is huge and we want to show a bit of everything so we'll leave this open-ended...

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