Stopping Ejaculation Again and Again for 24 Hours with Mari Hosokawa

Welcome to Hell


Stopping Ejaculation Again and Again for 24 Hours with Mari Hosokawa
with English Subtitles


We're aware that it's never a good thing to start reviews with dates, but we'll risk it this time:  we always try to enter a new year with guns blazing.  We want updates that are pushed around this time to raise both eyebrows and erections and fortunately most do (according to fan mail which we never mind receiving more of!).

This year in particular we stacked month number one with some incredibly hard releases.  We're talking pushing some themes to their legal limit.  Our first update was probably the most brutal title ever to be released on ZENRA (and it has 2 sequels on the way!).  It took femdom in a school setting and simply ran away with it.  It ran away and went to straight to hell--or heaven if you love seeing men teased.

We return once again to the land of extreme Japanese femdom, but this time around the teasing is totally concentrated.  Rather than groups of Japanese schoolgirls focusing on how to torment male classmates in ways other than straight-up sexual, today we see a singular 'larger' woman wreak havoc on a willing and able gentleman over 128 bitter minutes of erection handling.


This movie oozing with female domination came from the mind of RUSHER MIYOSHI, the main director and owner of the RASH Japanese AV production company.  RASH is mainly known for their gokkun releases, but they also produce titles in the femdom genre as well.  Most, unfortunately, deal with objects exiting both the anus and mouth which we cannot show in the west, but some such as today's update are pure femdom.

The theme is very simple.  The title pretty much sums it up perfectly.  RUSHER MIYOSHI--a masochist at heart if you couldn't tell already--volunteers himself to be the object of extreme sexual play carried out by the voluptuous (folks, can we call her BBW here or is that pushing it?) Japanese AV star MARI HOSOKAWA.  She agrees to take him under her wing for 24 hours of mainly CFNM play.

RUSHER agrees to hold in his orgasm until the very end.  We don't know the personal fortitude of our ZENRA fans, but having your penis directly pleasured by the well-honed legerdemain of a skilled Japanese AV star for that length of time without squirting even once is a tall order.

RUSHER put up a good fight, but...

Well, let's not spoil that, shall we?

As noted above, this mainly is a CFNM production.  The third scene broke from that mold as it features MARI HOSOKAWA equally as naked as RUSHER.  Here, facesitting is put to good use as she puts her fleshy body to good use by resting her womanhood and expansive butt over the squirming face of RUSHER.  With a puckered anus and wet slit rubbing over his face, it's a miracle he didn't end up orgasming right there.  It goes to show you that a long-term AV director can take significantly more than your average man.  However, even RUSHER had his limits...

STOPPING BEFORE EJACULATION is brutal.  Plain and simple.  It's not for the faint of heart.  Those looking for 2 hours of sensual Japanese handjobs should keep on looking.  MARI HOSOKAWA may balance BBW (there, we said it!) with being as sultry as they come, but she's also a wickedly competent dominatrix who puts RUSHER through the wringer.

One Japanese reviewer on another website panned this RASH release because he was not fond of the director also being the actor.  His concerns have some merit, but really, it would have been incredibly hard to find a charismatic actor to agree to go through what RUSHER volunteered for.  Hell, we doubt most fans of ZENRA out there would be down for this unless the pay was exceptionally good.

This was nearly nonstop dick-focused sexual play that kept RUSHER battling with stepping the line over to extremis again and again.  Start-stop teasing is no joke and can leave most men reduced to a primate level of reasoning.  In particular, the conclusion to STOPPING BEFORE EJACULATION AGAIN AND AGAIN FOR 24 HOURS WITH MARI HOSOKAWA had a...well, a rather nasty surprise which we will not spoil here.

We highly recommend checking this release out if you enjoy larger Japanese woman doing prurient things to masochistic men.  We're sure many of those reading this can relate.

We generally will focus on licensing gokkun movies from RASH, but if you really enjoyed this special femdom release, please let us know!  We may consider ordering more in the future.  They made at least a few more with the same theme that puts two eager Japanese AV stars against RUSHER...


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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