Serenade of the Heisei Generation

Ballbusting Japanese Schoolgirl and Teacher Femdom

Serenade of the Heisei Generation
with English Subtitles


"A male student enticed by the waiving of both the admission fee and tuition enrolled in an until then all-female school.  His initial meeting with the beautiful head teacher was met with immediate surprise due to the sudden action of her heavy foot hastily meeting his groin.  That first example of impromptu and extreme ballbusting led to treatment by his fellow classmates of increasing harshness leaving his mind more and more disconnected with his body.  He became less a student and more of a classroom guinea pig serving as the pet example of textbook lessons in heavy submission.  This was what he signed up for.  This was what was in the fine print of his gratis admittance to higher learning.  His as a bent, broken, and humbled human toilet."

-Official summary of the HEISEI GENERATION series by the PURE GOLD label of YAPOO'S MARKET

We at ZENRA always like to start a new year of righteous updates with guns blazing (and our apologies if you've only just discovered this movie some time after its January update!).  With another open field of extreme Japanese AV to showcase, it's best to make an impression which is why we saved this special release for this special time.

YAPOO'S MARKET is a production company that walks hand in hand with controversy over metaphorical hopscotches run muddy with lewd combinations of sweat, tears, and other 'things' that came from the human body.  We've described them as the hardest maker of femdom on the planet and are sticking to our guns with that statement as without a doubt, YAPOO'S MARKET IS THE HARDEST MAKER OF FEMDOM ON THE PLANET.

A few months ago we saw a 'tame' release (by their standards) starring the beloved and aggressive SHU-MEI who trained a cross-dressing bi-curious old man.  In that review we noted that that release was the lightest you'd ever see a title by this heavy-handed production company and we meant it!

About a year or so after that movie was released, YAPOO'S MARKET returned once again to their PURE GOLD label to churn out a trilogy of terror.

Before we continue down the fecund slope that is the theme of this release and it's two sequels, it's worth mentioning how unique YAPOO'S is in how they focus only on one label at a time.  You see, most Japanese AV production companies operate multiple 'labels' under one corporate umbrella.  Generally, each label sees updates to its respective libraries each month.  Thus, with YAPOO'S MARKE you may see several releases in a row from Label X followed by a total break of releasing movies for a few months before they move on to another label.  The trilogy that today's release, SERENADE OF THE HEISEI GENERATION belongs to was released about a year and a half ago with no new releases so far in its PURE GOLD label, but give them more time, and you'll see a return to output.

SERENADE OF THE HEISEI GENERATION takes the concept of schoolgirls teasing their male classmates and shuttles it to its final stop.  In other words, this is schoolgirl/teacher domination in its final form.  It cannot get any harder than this.

If you're the kind of AV connoisseur who loves it when clothed Japanese schoolgirls tease a naked male while constantly playing with his erection leading to a surprising and highly embarrassing ejaculation, then you may be marginally flummoxed.  A scene like that does happen in this release, but it's the final one and features the two teachers, not the schoolgirls.

SERENADE is less a CFNM handjob release and more of an extreme S&M title all about how far the females in this enclosed world can torment their male classmates.  Do not rush in expecting fun handjob and anal exploration scenes.  Rather, expect ballbusting, whipping, and all around 'good-natured' horseplay with women always on the offensive.

Please also note that although the subject matter in all scenes is on the 'hard' side of adult video, this is a professionally shot production.  Everyone--women and men-- are there by their own free will.  It may be hard to believe at times with YAPOO'S MARKET releases, but the men truly do enjoy the slave aspects of this type of maniac sexual play.

If any readers out there who would love more than anything to become a slave of YAPOO and can make their way to Tokyo, contact ZENRA support anytime.  We cannot promise a spot in a future release by them, but at the very least we can put in a good word and your twisted dreams of being the plaything of heavy-handed Japanese female domination may actually happen!

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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