Buried in Beautiful Butts

Japanese Butt Fetish Meets CFNM with Subtitles

Buried in Beautiful Butts
with English Subtitles


Yes, yes, there is the stereotype that Asian women are flat on both ends.  Of course as we've seen on ZENRA, this isn't always true.  There are thick Japanese women out there.  Some even have gargantuan derrieres and know how to use them.  This production doesn't star them however.  Big and beautiful Japanese women are still a rarity, but thanks to the city life and hectic office hours empowered women opt to take part in, the era of Fat Japan is almost a reality.  In fact, stay tuned as we will be featuring releases in the future by some of our Partners that feature bona-fied BBW Japanese women.

Today, we focus on dominant women of 'average' stature.  None of the women starring in today's butt-centric title can certainly consider themselves voluptuous.  Even curvy's pushing it.  They're average, but very, very cute and know how to combine their pert looks to place submissive men directly under their thumbs--or butts in this scenario carried out over four well-done scenes.

BURIED IN BEAUTIFUL BUTTS was a title released by the now defunct GUTS Japanese AV production company some years back.  GUTS was pretty unique in that they generally did not stick to a certain game-plan like most other studios.  Their releases were all over the place genre-wise with women sometimes being shown in dominant roles such as this title along with a few others like this one shown recently on ZENRA.  Other times, productions had women play roles that were as submissive as humanely possible.  You'll see more of these later as we continue showcasing nearly the entire GUTS archive (about 200 titles!) over the next few years.

This is for butt lovers.  If you do not care for Japanese butts, perhaps you may still find some interest in the nonstop CFNM (clothed female, naked male) theme this title is also about.  If you also don't care about, then there's the light-hearted femdom contained in each encounter.  If you don't like that?  Well...handjobs?

Women certainly are in the dominant role in this fun title, but they aren't too cruel.  Don't expect absolutely insane no-holds barred domination as shown a previous release by GUTS.  Rather, the teasing done in this title is more puckish in nature;  everyone taking part is generally having a good time.  The men--the butt lovers--and the women--the butt providers--all find something worthwhile though this is certainly more in the favor of men who all end up ejaculating rather powerfully at the conclusion of each scene.

Facesitting is a given of course.  What movie about Japanese women teasing naked men with their butts wouldn't be?  However, as mentioned above, since this is a CFNM movie, don't expect seeing nudity by all parties.  We'll be featuring a facesitting movie like that featuring a very thick and dominant woman later this year by RASH, one of our new Partners.

The banter between teaser and the teased was great and it's all completely subtitled in English with some of our best timing and post-processing effects to date.  Conversations were nearly nonstop through the bulk of this production and they were not just simple 'Do you feel good?' lines repeated over and over.  We know that's boring and that's not what we want to showcase.  Of course, being a production all about butts, get ready to hear much about them as loquacious Japanese women in pairs flash their panties and rest nearly half naked on the very anxious faces of naked men with stiff erections.

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