The Shinobu Kasagi Playing Guide

Vulpine looks mixed with extreme camera shyness uncensored and with subtitles


The Shinobu Kasagi Playing Guide Uncensored
with English Subtitles

Shinobu Kasagi has something of a long career in Japanese AV. However, there have been many a hiatus in between. Her first foray into Japan's adult industry was with risque photo-books--also known as image albums or in her case, 'hair' image albums since pubic hair was present. They were pretty popular and were somewhat notorious due to their subject matter.

Up until this time, image albums generally were quite tame. Yes, being photographed in the nude was essentially a perquisite and from the nineties onwards, models kept their armpits shaved and showed pubic hair instead (until that time, gentleman's agreements within Japan's massive adult industry forbid the showing of hair down south). Shinobu Kasagi's foray into stark naked print media was a sumptuous mix of both softcore nude photography mixed in with adult themes.

There were elements of domination from captors not shown on camera. We see her tied with an advanced assortment of ropes both in an old-school classroom setting and outside as well. There even was a famous shot of her stark naked walking on all fours with a leash affixed to her neck. Some shots were actually entering raunchy territory with legs spread and surprisingly the type of mosaic generally found in adult movies was used to protect her genitalia. Image albums of this kind generally cover one's private area in an ample coat of darkness rather than take the pixelation route.

Looks is something that Shinobu Kasagi has going for her. She's cute, but not in the traditional way. Some AV stars going for the 'kawaii' image adhere too much to standard norms of whatever's popular and become another face in the crowd. They don't stand out and are quickly forgotten. Shinobu Kasagi has a vulpine face angular in some ways, but still cushy with just the right about of fat. Even today with her on-again off-again AV career as an older women, she retains this fox-like mystique that men line up to tease.

Today we travel a bit back in time to the earlier portion of her career. Here, she's still new to the business of on-camera nudity and it's woefully obvious at times. The whole production sees her not with a sultry aura, but one of embarrassment. The first scene is mainly about masturbation and is almost devoid of introduction. Towards the end of her shy self-pleasure routine we see her showing off her not-so-polished fellatio skills.

We learn more about her during the next scene where an overtly hyperactive Hosaka--a Japanese AV actor who has been in the business *forever*--tries to take the dominant role by giving a chirpy interview followed by sex. It's always mildly cringe-worthy seeing him do something that's not CFNM or femdom-related. He does not come off as a leader of love-making and with this facade, the interview although a bit lengthy (and subtitled in English for all Zenra viewers) feels a Fortunately, the interview finally concludes and carnal affairs lead the way.

The Shinobu Kasagi Playing Guide is an uncensored production and it's very welcomed. The lead star did an above satisfactory job keeping herself trim down below and genetics has blessed her nicely with truly beautiful and well-formed genitalia. Her lips are just right and quite symmetrical and there's not a blemish in sight.

The production as a whole is rather straight-forward. Those looking for anything strange or extraordinarily risque like how she was depicted in the photo-book released around the same time should keep their search up. If a theme can be summed up from this extra long (at least for a regular hardcore movie) video adventure, it's that of a demure and submissive schoolgirl making the bold decision to enter the world of Japanese adult video. There she's shown the ropes (at times, literally) by experienced men with mild domination streaks (aside from Hosaka who just tries too hard).

Shinobu Kasagi's Playing Guide--or the Playing Guide to Shinobu Kasagi--is not the most memorable production, but it stars someone who has had a long career in Japanese. She has a very unique look that works well with her schoolgirl uniform (she's actually in a bunny get-up for the first two scenes and admits being very embarrassed, but turned on by it). Newer movies show her more as a Japanese schoolgirl looking for lascivious adventures, but the element of domination this time around is not provided by her. Here, she's taught the rules of the road for on-screen coitus.


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