Ian Hanasaki - Temptation Salon

They Can Get in Trouble for This!


Ian Hanasaki - Temptation Salon
with English Subtitles


I'm not sure if becoming a hair stylist in Japan is a sound career choice.  Like anyone with hair (thankfully!), I visit them often and rarely see any over 40 years old.  It just seems like a job that requires an immense amount of commitment (6 days a week for 10+ hours a day!!!) leading to some nasty health problems down the line.  I already know two that have lower back and hernia issues from constantly doing that slightly leaning over routine while cutting hair.

What's more, go to any major city and salons are a dime a dozen.  There's a massive amount of them wherever you look it's crazy to consider how hard it must be to remain in business.  Some may last a few years, some longer, but beyond that?  You're then pretty much looking at corporate with a revolving door of young and eager and underpaid hair stylists.  Not fun.

So that brings us to DREAM TICKET's TEMPTATION SALON series.  It began a few years ago and gosh knows where they found places to shoot.  If I had to guess, the setting of today's update starring IAN HANASAKI (and yes, we'll get to her shortly), is an actual salon that's probably planning on shutting down soon.  What better way then to make some nice exit money than allowing a JAV company to rent it out for a day of shooting?  It's not like active customers would ever find out.

This is our first outing with IAN HANASAKI.  She debuted in very late 2015 (she only had 2 titles released that year) before going gung-ho active the year after.  Checking her status shows that she's still working her tush off in the industry stripping down for some quality releases.  Her first name--like many others in the west may already notice--is a bit odd.  Frankly, it's not really a traditional Japanese name at all and ask anyone in the states what gender they assume (there, I said it!) 'IAN' to be and you'll get a pretty obvious reply.

Make no mistake that IAN HANASAKI is pure woman and is absolutely beautiful.  I definitely can never imagine her putting up a 'cute' facade complete with schoolgirl uniform.  She doesn't ooze 'cuteness'.  Rather, she's elegant and...well, hot.  She's mature, passionate, and going by the very incredible situations presented in TEMPTATION SALON, a natural-born risk-taker.

As we've noted in many of our public nudity titles, you just can't shoot actual public JAV any more.  It's nice to see DREAM TICKET thinking out of the box with this title.  It's a real salon and you do sometimes see passersby walking outside.  I can't imagine what would happen if one of them decided to walk in.  I mean the salon has its lights on and you can clearly see into it...

The reviews for IAN HANASAKI - TEMPTATION SALON on Japanese sites are outstandingly good.  I usually peruse them before working on a title and was pretty floored to see multiple pages of near 5 star comments.  This may have kick-started a prejudice function within myself.  I may have tried hard to find issues with this title and yes, I found a few, but nothing major:  Some of the close-ups where the camera goes from being fixed to being held by a cameraman look great, but you sometimes will hear some *very* audible breathing coming from said cameraman.  In some scenes, it's *extremely* noticeable and I'm a bit surprised that DREAM TICKET didn't do some post-production magic to remove it.  The other only mild grumble about TEMPTATION SALON is the classical piano tune they use:  It's nice, but it repeats every single minute.  All the salons I've been to play more upbeat J-POP that while I abhor with almost every fiber of my being, there is a bit more variety than the audio jingle we were given in today's update.

Most likely few will find offense with either of these two small issues and will find a lot to enjoy in TEMPTATION SALON.  This truly is a great JAV release of the modern era and I'm glad DREAM TICKET has pumped up more.  IAN may have a strange first name, but she's a looker who seems to love what she does.  More power to her though I wouldn't recommend seeing her for a haircut.

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