Izumi Imamiya - Nipple Teasing to the Point of Embarrassment

Instead of Band Practice...


Izumi Imamiya - Nipple Teasing to the Point of Embarrassment
with English Subtitles


More VR via DREAM TICKET and yes, I'm repeating myself here, but this is another one that features an extra dose of nipple teasing in concert with some hardy--and slightly risky play.

We're not sure whether it's done intentionally or not, but WAAP's VR titles more often than not feature younger actresses.  They seem pretty big on exploiting the naughty Japanese schoolgirl trope and IZUMI IMAMIYA definitely plays that part well.  In NIPPLE TEASING TO THE POINT OF EMBARRASSMENT, she takes the role of a bored, but mischievous schoolgirl who finds solace to her post-band practice ennui by teasing you just out of earshot of practicing classmates.

In fact, you hear them rehearsing during the first few minutes of this update and it actually came as a surprise.  If you have music playing in the background, you may opt to turn it down initially or you'll be swarmed with music of all shapes and sounds coming form all directions.

The play itself is pretty standard fare for a VR release.  New ground is not really broken here.  Just like the last few releases, the actress remains pretty much dressed whereas you--in POV form--bit by bit find yourself more exposed and aroused.  Personally, I'd of liked to see more titles that incorporate more female nudity though fortunately we do have more just like that on the way.

As DREAM TICKET explores more of what they can do with VR, expand grander themes.  Until then, they're going to err on the side of production safety and financially security with titles such as NIPPLE TEASING which don't last long, but don't overstay their welcome either.

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