Miku Tamaru is Yours From Here on Out

Uncensored and Willing to Do Anything!


Miku Tamaru is Yours From Here on Out
with English Subtitles


What are the chances of encountering a very cute and very perky Japanese schoolgirl outside in a discarded cardboard box?  I’ve heard sad tales of this being done for unwanted pets, but never for one so cute and so faithful as Miku Tamaru.  Well, true story folks, as this happened to me!  I encountered her in a well-sized junky cardboard box.

And I took her home.

Now, now don’t give me *that* look!  I had no intentions beyond being a good Samaritan.  I just wanted put a roof over her head.  Nothing more than that!  And certainly nothing salacious!

However, Miku was just too much for me to resist!  Her mannerisms, her body language, her vocabulary!  So naughty and such a surprise coming from such a petite and outwardly innocent young woman.  I couldn’t help what happened next...and neither could she!

You can almost consider today's update, MIKU TAMARU IS YOURS FROM HERE ON OUT to be a spiritual successor (or prequel as I honestly don't recall which came out first) to this popular MITSU SATOU update from last year.  Both star very cute and young JAV stars with sexual naivety cranked up to 11.  Both also pair them with actors who do a decent job of not coming off as too perverted and brusque.  In other words, while sex is on the menu, it's done a bit more passionately and less like an adult film coupling.

Just like that MITSU SATOU title, today's via uncensored uber-makers DREAMROOM is pretty darn good.  YOURS FROM HERE ON OUT doesn't start any new trends in JAV and probably will be one of those releases you may not remember ever detail of months after viewing, but it's still a fun, simple outing done without any mosaic.

Now unlike MITSU SATOU, MIKU TAMARU seemed to have a very short career in adult video.  To my knowledge, she never appeared as any cosplay alter-egos in spite of seriously nailing the look.  Most likely she was just one of the many, many women tiptoeing into an adult film career and for some reason or another and exiting after doing a few titles.  It's unfortunate as while she may never have reached A-rank status, she probably could have amassed a respectable fan following.

While she plays a full-on naive schoolgirl here, it's interesting how she still pretty much remains in charge.  Her 'special someone' is even more naive and all his sexuality is less about him being horny while she remains a dead fish, and more about *her* being the one with those special 'itches' in places most tender.  The dynamic did seem to switch somewhat towards the end, but all in all, this is a more romantically-themed (though slightly taboo) release that should come off as totally inoffensive and fun to watch for just about everyone.

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