Mitsu Satou - Please Take Care of Me

What She Wants is Rather Taboo...


Mitsu Satou - Please Take Care of Me
with English Subtitles


“The first entry in a very popular ‘innocent girl’ series starring the extremely moe Mitsu Satou!  She’s dearly in love with her dear...well, you’ll find out!  It’s an abnormal relationship to say the least and sadly for her, the affection is mainly one-sided.  Fortunately, luck and a sound mind were united for one day for a real chance at love.  Imagine this:

Some drinks, a surprise phone call, and sudden ‘alone time’ with the friend of her...well, the person she truly has feelings for, presented itself.  Mitsu took the initiative with a sudden and powerful kiss leaving the friend in an erotic stupor.  Said stupor was not just in his head where a vicious cloud of moe surely formed, but way down below in his groin.  Mitsu took notice there too almost immediately and gladly began to give him some ‘relief’.

Just as she had the friend’s stiff member deep in her throat, their party of two returned to three as that pesky, ill-timed phone call finally concluded.  Shock was had by all three with no easy way in sight to diffuse this sexually confusing situation!

Thus, rather than a confusing talk on what and what isn’t taboo held by an embarrassed and naked Mitsu and her clothed...well, you know, the situation turned into fun erotic party for three with everyone stripping down in order to take care of their horny states.  Mitsu Satou finally got her wish via a fantastic and frantic sexual free-for-all leaving her spread and creampied, but also one step closer to reaching Nirvana.”

-Translated and prettied-up blurb from today’s update.

Today's ZENRA update is somewhat of a lucky anomaly.  Why?  I had no idea it starred MITSU SATOU, an AV star I'm awfully fond of, until just before selecting it for subtitling.  It's a lot easier for Japanese women to change their look--after all, a radically different hair style and makeup can go a long way in modifying who you are!  What's more, MITSU SATOU is one of the many actresses who has gone by a billion and a half names.

In PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME, she actually is billed as SHINO TANAKA though going by her bio here, her 'top' name (and the one she still uses today) is FUUKA MIZUNO.  I think, however, most of her die-hard fans still refer to her as MITSU SATOU so even though she was called 'SHINO' throughout today's update, we're billing her as MITSU SATOU.  OK?

I've been critical more often than not regarding the (somewhat lacking) production values of uncensored Japanese AV movies compared to their censored counterparts, but PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME bucked the trend; it's a very pretty title and aside from some predictably ho-hum sound issues during the scenes that involved sex toy usage, I've no complaints about the production.

MITSU SATOU - PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME is actually the 20th title in this long-running series by DREAMROOM.  We've licensed quite a few of them out and since they're all self-contained stories all about naive and innocent schoolgirls (something we've shown many a time via GUTS!), we're going to keep on showing them randomly.  That way neither you nor us ever knows the release order and shuffling things around is always more enjoyable.

Make note before you start watching that this is not a 'story-less' uncensored JAV release!  It's pretty cute and borderline taboo as to what happens.  MITSU puts herself in some zany situations and the payoff for her and everyone else is spectacular.  If you're a fan of the innocent 'moe' type of Japanese AV star, you'll be absolutely at home with pretty much any release from the PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME series.

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