False Idol Yaya Matsuura

Does She Really Look Like...?

False Idol Yaya Matsuura
with English Subtitles


It's been some months since our last VIRTUAL WAVE FALSE IDOL release so excuse the delay!  We darn well know the appeal of early 2000's Japanese AV movies featuring actresses that kinda sorta look like celebrities of the day is limited, but still:  uncensored and the resemblances in the movies we've seen so far has been pretty good.

Rather than rehash the past (you can check out our studio page for this maker if you're interested in that!) we'll delve head first sans life vests into today's update, FALSE IDOL (Y)AYA MATSUURA.  Yup, so with that hint out of the way, it should be quite obvious who she is supposed to resemble.  Whether it's totally wise to say the name of this celebrity here is debatable, but then again the chances of her finding out about her porn lookalike is slim so here it is:  YAYA MATSUURA looks a hell of a lot like AYA MATSUURA, a popular idol from the not-too-far-away past.  She actually only retired out of the entertainment industry in 2013 after marrying her super long term boyfriend and starting a family.

Being a VIRTUAL WAVE release, there's two things you should expect with today's update:  a total lack of mosaic (hurray!) and also a slight lack of 'good' editing choices (hmm...).  Lighting- and sound-wise, there isn't much to complain about, but a good chunk of FALSE IDOL was done in pseudo first-person and although there are times when this method of film-making *is* the way to go, an actual cameraman would have been a wiser choice for more of our encounters with YAYA.

For example, in spite of YAYA MATSUURA's time with us running a brief 74 minutes, we're treated to three bouts of sex, but the latter portions of these affairs suffered from shaky camera-itis.  We apologize now if you do experience the first signs of motion sickness while attempting to pleasure yourself while watching.  Sorry!

A quick mid-way sum-up before continuing:  yes, this title had its flaws, but it's not all bad!  First and foremost, YAYA MATSUURA is really, really cute.  She nails the girl-next-door does something naughty vibe.  She also has a fantastic butt that's shown off especially well in the early portions of the second scene (see our free preview to the left of this review if you're not yet a subscriber!).  Really, her butt's flawless!  Pale, big, and beautiful!  A dream come true!

Coda:  after looking through some of AYA MATSUURA's images (just search '松浦 亜弥' on your favorite search engine!), I can't help but notice that she also strongly resembles another AV star...and this time one very well known:  RAN MONBU.  Considering FALSE IDOL YAYA MATSUURA was made around the same time RAN debuted, casting her (or both together for extra weirdness!) would have made this update quite legendary--at least amongst other lookalike movies of the era.

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