False Idol Application starring Aki Katou

She Looks Kinda Like...


False Idol Application starring Aki Katou
with English Subtitles


The one thing Japanese AV production companies like more than anything else is releasing a title that will essentially sell itself.  Be it by hiring an already well known actress, including some extra freebie that all fans may seriously yearn over, or most importantly, casting a real celebrity--or someone who seriously looks like one.

Now who here knows about AI KATOU?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

OK, if you're not wired into the mainstream Japanese entertainment machine, the name may not ring a bell, but she's one of the few actress/models who have stood the test of time.  In AI KATOU's case, she debuted as a model way back in the late 90's and still at 33 years of age seems to be looking even more beautiful and elegant than ever.  Look up photos of 'aging gracefully' and narrow your results to East Asian women and she should be a top candidate.

AI KATOU also fortunately has something of a doppelganger and SHE decided to spread her legs for VIRTUAL WAVE.

(AI KATOU, not today's AKI KATOU)

Meet AKI KATOU (also known as YURIA KATOU), a 21 year-old (at the time of filming) young Japanese woman from Okayama Prefecture who is a bit naughty.  She also sports a rugged short hair style which we mainly only see on women of a...uh...'butch persuasion'.  Fortunately it looks awesome on AKI and only enhances her mien.  Short hair usually equates to having everything about one's face being up front and center without any personal lees to hide away in so props to her for taking risks.

It paid off big-time.

In FALSE IDOL SEXUAL APPLICATION, we are presented with three scenes with a running time that's best described as brief, but fulfilling.  The only thing we can really nag on about is how all three scenes seem to start almost in the exact same way:  a timid AKI-chan rests uneasy on a couch/sofa while being interviewed by the actor/off-camera host.  The questions presented to her in scene one don't vary at all from the ones that commence in the second and third scenes.  So just like this paragraph, expect a bit of repetition early on in each scene.  Things do start off with the same queries being fronted, but AKI thankfully reacts differently each time around.

In spite of this being her first AV title (and after looking, we only found 1 other 'new footage' title featuring her by another production company), AKI KATOU seemed to take it in stride.  She was bold in the first scene--and we don't mean that just because of her sporty hair style.  She wanted sex and did not beat around the bush either:

"You can do what you want with me today."
"Today I'm in the mood for sex..."

-Spoken by AKI KATOU not even 4 mninutes into the first scene!

AKI KATOU of the second and third scenes on the other hand was docile, embarrassed, but equally as horny.  We actually wonder if the shooting order and the release order were mixed up.  Unlike the first two scenes, the last scene is masturbation-via-massager-only which would make sense more for an introduction than the conclusion of a title.  We almost felt like switching the order for our ZENRA release, but if this is the way VIRTUAL WAVE intended the title to be pushed out, then that's that.

One area we need to provide Ms. KATOU with major praise is her blowjob technique featured in the second scene...or rather, the actor whose name unfortunately doesn't ring a bell.  He put her in a novel position we don't see that often in Japanese AV:  a very naked AKI KATOU was instructed to stand leaning over with legs spread and butt out while fellating him.  After a few minutes, the embarrassment was amplified by having her place a foot on the sofa for further exposure.  You could see EVERYTHING and by golly it was glorious.

Like all other VIRTUAL WAVE titles shown on ZENRA, FALSE IDOL SEXUAL APPLICATION starring AKI KATOU is a movie originally shown WITH mosaic for the domestic Japanese market.  In fact, the third scene mentions the use of mosaic before the actor/director goes on to describe AKI's vagina:  "We'll be putting mosaic over this area so nobody at home can see it.  I'll explain to our fans what I'm seeing.  Probably due to the massager, but both sides are very red..."

Fortunately for ZENRA subscribers like yourself, the mosaic's long gone and what we have is unrestricted access to AKI KATOU's beautiful genitalia.

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