Virtual Fetish Angle with Hana Matsuzawa

Uncensored Self Shot POV AV with a Gyaru


Virtual Fetish Angle with Hana Matsuzawa
with English Subtitles


One of our favorite things about the production of Japanese AV is that not every title NEEDS to go all out.  This actually applies to all adult video as well since the advent of POV shooting.  POV porn itself actually is said to have started in Japan thanks in part to a still-active director going by the name TOORU MURANISHI.

These types of POV--or 'hamedori'-- productions are all about intimacy.  The objective is to create an extraordinarily personal environment allowing the actress to unwind.  Since even lower budget AV shoots generally call for a number of staff, hamedori situations have the financial incentive to reduce that number to an extreme:  1 actor and 1 actress.  The former also acts as the director so he pretty much gets the best of both worlds in that he pretty much can have sex with a beautiful woman while calling the shots and filming it, but without a whole staff of potentially jealous men surrounding them.

This all ties in together nicely when writing a little bit about our update at ZENRA today starring a certain gyaru of yesteryear going by the monicker HANA MATSUZAWA.  Admittedly we were not that familiar with her before working on this title.  According to her Japanese-language Wikipedia page, she actually had a rather long career spanning three solid years.  Both back in the mid 2000's when she was active and even today, AV stars flounder very often when they cross the two year mark so HANA definitely had some staying power.  However, in the beginning of the second scene, she did offhandedly complain about being short on cash so it's always possible her extended career was more about satisfying the shopper's itch rather than the one between her legs.

VIRTUAL FETISH ANGLE with HANA MATSUZAWA was almost entirely shot in POV, but this time around, it was the actress in charge of wielding the camera.

We've seen this done before:  most recently we featured an update starring AMI KASAI that had an extended masturbation scene featuring AMI in cosplay doing all the work.  That looked pretty nice and being shot in modern day HD did help things.  This time around being a production that truly earns the designation 'Classic AV Stars', the camera was older, potentially larger, and definitely would have been better used by the actor rather than HANA.

Hindsight is always 20-20 so for all we know, the camera she held onto--shakily at times--may have been considered small and lightweight for the era this title was produced in.  Nevertheless, we do warn you that today's title features several instances where POV filming in low-lights may have best been skipped.

Since the massage nanpa update that proceeded this one and it's follow-up in a couple of days were both done mainly with fixed cameras, we wanted to squeeze a more haphazard update in between.  Thus, VIRTUAL WAVE's VIRTUAL FETISH ANGLE fit the bill.

Like all other VIRTUAL WAVE updates, VIRTUAL FETISH ANGLE with HANA MATSUZAWA is a de-mosaiced release.  What this means is this update originally had censorship around the genitalia, but it was lifted for international distribution.  We're definitely thankful it's uncensored and look forward to keeping updates like it within the Classic AV Stars section of ZENRA active for years to come.  Once we exhaust our VIRTUAL WAVE library of work, we can't promise we'll find another older studio with all uncensored content to replace it with, but we'll always be on the lookout for other unique opportunities.  Either way, expect at least a few more years of de-mosaiced titles by them released with accurate English subtitles ONLY at ZENRA.

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