Nudist Fans Delivery with Mei Kago Subtitled

Embarrassed CMNF Japanese Idol Hopeful Visits Fans in Her Birthday Suit

Nudist Fans Home Delivery with Mei Kago
with English Subtitles

Japanese AV stars are always looking for ways to increase their popularity and what better way than to find innovative methods to connect with their fans? Although some fans of Japanese AV in Japan may just be of the casual kind, some are beyond dedicated and form fierce loyalties to their divas of choice. Just like how 'otaku' of various passions exist, those that live and breathe AV are out there as well and a few of them take center stage by sending in some very well-worded letters. A few lucky ones will be visited by their idol, the very idol-like Mei Kago, who will do things of a lewd nature with them, but with a slight catch.

Following the concept first shown in Asami Yuma's Delivery, we are shown a comfortable and clothed Mei Kago in the studio reading letters from her fans. Unfortunately, unlike the Asami Yuma version of visiting one's fans, the exact contents of the letters aren't shown. It's safe to say that the responses mainly consist of fans spelling out their dire circumstances and how a visit from their beloved idol would be a lambent spotlight on their otherwise ho-hum existence.

It is not mentioned who and how locations are decided. Does Mei Kago have the final say? Fans are decided somehow as soon enough, we find ourselves in a car on sunny morning heading out to the first location: an apartment (or a 'mansion' as all new apartment buildings are referred to in Japanese) in the suburbs--at least compared to the hubbub of metropolitan Tokyo.

We see Mei Kago wistfully looking out as the car pulls to a stop and preparing herself for her first encounter with an actual fan. Although she's somewhat of a veteran with lovemaking on camera, all of her bouts of filmed coitus up until now have been with professional actors, not true blue amateurs. Today's going to be different, though possibly for the better.

Just like how a unique CFNM update from earlier in the month had a catch bordering on the nefarious, Mei Kago's take on paying significantly more than lip service also has one though it's a tad more mild. While preparing to exit the car for her first visit, the off-camera director instructs her that her visits were advertised as Mei Kago's Stark Naked Fan Delivery. In other words, she'll have to be totally nude from the moment she greets each fan.

Surprised, but determined to put on a good show, Mei Kago starts to coyly strip in the car consciously aware of actual people walking to and fro outdoors. Eventually, with all forms of raiment stripped, she's totally bare and shyly covers her most intimate regions in a vain attempt at modesty. The director takes some pity and allows her to throw on a jacket when exiting the car, but is instructed to remove it after they board the elevator.

Thus, once disembarked, it's mild Japanese public nudity starring an embarrassed and stark naked--ENF--AV star crawling down the hallway to the door where her anxious fan awaits. A quick ring of the bell and she's whisked inside where her first fan finally has the honor of seeing his idol in the flesh and with all her most womanly features on display.

It's a unique scene bordering heavily on CMNF (clothed male naked female) and ENF as a clothed and mildly flabbergasted Japanese fan in his early thirties shares a small couch with stark naked Mei Kago with legs demurely squeezed together. Wisps of surpriginly thin pubic hair poke out as a very visible reminder of what's to come. Foreplay and more is the name of the game and Mei Kago's coy demeanor quickly becomes a thing of the past as she goes through the motion of tender caressing and stroking of you-know-what before transitioning to the 'main show'.

Three of the four scenes take place in apartments, but one actually contains some elements of public nudity. Filmed at a convenience store--unfortunately, one that begs the question of authenticity as it was also featured in other productions such as National Nude Day and lacks any type of signage or advertisements that are almost always found in actual franchise locations. The store itself may be questionably real--there's a chance it can be a partial set piece that is also used as an independent shop as we did see Mei Kago step out of the car wearing a crudely short jacket and nothing else and walk into the store.

The public nudity portion of this scene is tame and certainly is not the main focus of this fun production. It's more about a *very* attractive Japanese AV star paying the ultimate in fan service to four* very lucky fans.

*Four is the actual number of fans, though as we see in the final scene, the last fan invited an entire group of friends from college over to take part in raunchy Japanese AV idol appreciation. This is a unique encounter and should serve as an example of how Japanese group sex can be so gosh darn polite compared to its more aggressive western counterparts. Each male participant patiently waits his turn (while furiously engaging in not-so-covert self-pleasure) and always asks permission using polite Japanese before doing the lewd with a flushed and wet Japanese idol.

Mei Kago is a knockout. That's for sure. She actually was introduced as an 'idol-hopeful'. Perhaps she had ambitions to join the ranks of AKB48, but did not make the cut? Perhaps the guaranteed higher pay of adult video felt more secure? For those not in the know, an in-demand Japanese AV star can command in upwards of several thousand dollars ($USD) if not more for a day of shooting. It may not be A-list celebrity money, but it's impressive and can make for a comfy nest egg if one's wise with saving.

Her nudist-themed fan delivery is a great production since it stars actual fans who do seem quite nervous at times doing naughty things to their shy and embarrassed nudist idol with the camera rolling. Although the convenience store scene may not have been entirely kosher, what went on in the break room there and in the three apartments featured was as real as it gets. Mei Kago wants her fans to be happy and is willing to go the extra mile to see that happens. Cosplay fanatics also have something in store for them as two of the scenes feature some very revealing schoolgirl-themed costume play. Featuring exclusive English subtitles, Mei Kago's ultimate fan delivery as a nudist is accessible to everyone regardless of so-called language barriers.

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