Subtitled Best of Rin Tomosaki

Petite Japanese AV Star from Yesteryear Showcase

Best of Rin Tomosaki
with English Subtitles

The early 2000's were an interesting time for Japanese AV with a smattering of unique AV stars all gracing the adult video stage at the same time. If you wanted busty yet slim, there was Jun Kusanagi, lithe and pure had Minori Aoi, compact yet energetic was Bunko Kanazawa, in-charge and sultry was defined by Akira Fubuki, and for those looking for voluptuous and petite, there was Rin Tomosaki.

Standing at an empowering 160cm (5' 2"), Rin Tomosaki has a small yet very well-shaped body--especially for those whom enjoy thick legs and a surprisingly round butt rarely found on Japanese women including their lascivious AV star counterparts. Rin Tomosaki began her fast-paced career in photo books--nude of course--before bridging into AV with a smorgasbord of softcore and hardcore productions. However, unlike many of her peers, she was not shoveled into one standard role for all of her films. There were times when she played the nice girl full of good-natured mirth and other instances where she transmogrified into a cold-hearted martinet taking control in a lewd mix of femdom and sexual liberation.

With a video library as long as hers, it would take many hours to view all of her interesting roles, thus a Best Collection has been assembled featuring abridged versions of some of her most popular work. One of the first scenes starts out as a tender after-school confessional in an empty classroom. A male student who has a crush on Rin confesses his feelings to his until-now innocent Japanese schoolgirl classmate but the situation volte-faces with unbridled temerity from Rin Tomosaki: rather than calmly accepting his confession, she demands he strip so she can start examining his body. Soft, female Japanese hands become curious and stroke things that need stroking and soon enough, both students are in a state of unclothed disarray while engaging in coitus in the empty classroom.

Scenes like this continue with Rin Tomosaki engaging in mutual masturbation with her boyfriend during a lull in their at-home movie night. Toys are introduced to spice up the lewd entertainment but things don't progress any further due to too much excitement in too short a time.

Virtual masturbation is a common trend during the first half of this production montage. One of the best scenes features the compact Rin Tomosaki dressed as a nurse standing next to her faceless (shot from the chest down) patient. Her task is to give masturbation aid as her charge has been in bed for two trying weeks without 'relief'. In this short scene, wording is important as Rin Tomosaki gently croons and brings about an immensely powerful ejaculation via lewd yet sensual dirty speak and ribald hand motions--the former given an exclusive English-subtitled treatment.

One unique--although brief--scene in the virtual masturbation segment features an apron-clad yet otherwise nude Rin Tomosaki using the crevice of her armpit (!) to get an anonymous CFNM model off. A handjob (if you can call it that) via armpit is something truly heterodox and only a soft and curvy Japanese woman such as Rin Tomosaki can pull it off. A woman with thinner arms such as the kind that populate AV on both sides of the ocean would have severe difficulties in bringing pleasure through this bizarre means.

Handjobs are something Rin Tomosaki possesses a formidable skill-set in. Combining her lascivious talent for extreme pleasure with all-out bizarreness best describes the first scene in the third part of this incredible production: mix the classic story of Red Riding Hood with a hunt for a special type of mushroom: the Testicle Mushroom of the Wild Penis for something truly weird. Rin Tomosaki, clad in a vermilion hood, finds herself in a lush forest searching for this rare mushroom as it contains a liquid medicine needed to aid her ailing grandmother. Fortunately, her search is brief and she discovers one just above her head.

Sticking out from the low-hanging forest canopy appears to be the lower half of a CFNM model with manhood fully exposed. Using her skilled hands, she curiously begins massaging both shaft and testicles assuming the penis needs to grow before producing its much-coveted medicine. Curiosity takes hold of her though and partway through she allows herself to 'taste' this bizarre flora and of course, a sticky 'accident' occurs. Rather than collecting the medicine, it ends up splattered all over her surprised face. Rin Tomosaki concludes the scene by mentioning how much the medicine from this testicle mushroom smells like the forest.

Later scenes feature more traditional hardcore action both in pairs and orgies. There is less 'weird'-ness going on outside some light costume play but for those who truly are infatuated with this mildly vertically-challenged Japanese AV star with a perfect butt, you're in for a treat. Rin Tomosaki plays the part perfectly (though there is truly less 'acting' needed in these scenes) and her bedtime carnal appetites are expressed in their purest form.

The Best of Rin Tomosaki is a salient reminder of the earlier days of Japanese AV where star-power was still in a nascent form. Although not every AV star nowadays is 'tall' by any means, the amount of petite ones with proportions akin to Rin Tomosaki remain an anomaly. For those wanting to see how AV was portrayed a decade ago, this is a great place to start your journey into the past. From schoolgirls, POV handjobs, and other truly bizarre situations, everything is showcased while focusing on Rin Tomosaki, the quintessential coquettish petite Japanese AV star.

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