Chihiro Hasegawa in Indecent Awakenings

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Chihiro Hasegawa in Indecent Awakenings
with English Subtitles


Every so often there comes titles that may appear mundane on the surface, but turn out to be incredibly special.  Sometimes its a unique behind-the-scenes tidbit or in spite of being filmed by crews we're familiar with, everything just went right and then some.  Most times though it's because of starring an actress who goes well beyond the norm and truly brings something invaluable to the table.

INDECENT AWAKENINGS with CHIHIRO HASEGAWA squarely fits into the latter.  We knew about this somewhat petite (1.5 meters / 4'11") AV star for short while and finally elected to add her first release at ZENRA during the colder portion of the year.  Her beaming personality can make up for the lack of heat which is a critical downside to living and working in Japan (can anyone relate with us?).

CHIHIRO HASEGAWA, as noted in her English-language Wikipedia page, has had a long and 'unique' career as far as AV stars go.  Rather than starting tame with semi-nude chakuero gravure work and slowly, but surely moving into harder contents before announcing her retirement with extreme sex titles, she elected to do things her own way:  in the opposite direction.

She went PAIPAN for her first release which from a western standpoint may sound normal, but having pubic hair still is the norm in Japan.  What's more, she did anal right from the get-go.  Literally two months later, she starred in an ultra controversial series by a good partner of ours.  That movie featured her having sex with a...well, it's a topic so controversial we're not even allowed to spell it out here.

If anything, CHIHIRO HASEGAWA's goal was to make waves by kick-starting her AV career with titles on the furthest end of the maniac spectrum before dialing it back some.  INDECENT AWAKENINGS can be considered one of the 'softer' releases during the initial portion of her career.

This was a neat release to work on.  It's marketed somewhat as a schoolgirl/teen release, but follows a slightly more mature documentary vibe we have seen with many other titles at ZENRA.  However, rather than focusing directly on salacious play, the director opted to do things differently.

The first scene is CHIHIRO HASEGAWA depicting the four basic human emotions of joy, anger, pathos, and humor.  'Anger' features some balloon play which is sure to please the small, but dedicated fans of expanded objects full of helium and the 'humor' scene marks the debut of tickle torture at ZENRA.  Seeing a cute Japanese woman bound and...well, tickled is a bizarre experience, but it's hard to take ones eyes off of it.  We have several more full releases all about tickling play lined up for future releases so if that's your bag, then sit back and stay tuned.

INDECENT AWAKENINGS--the first three quarters at least--is low on dialog and high on emotions.  Building on the initial vibe of human emotions sans outward vocal expression, it's almost as if the director's goal was to showcase a very cute and young Japanese android who slowly, but surely discovers what it's like to be and act human.  Her steps to being 'real' begin with the basic human emotions and conclude with coitus.  We've no complaints.

We're a tad glum we didn't discover CHIHIRO HASEGAWA sooner.  She actually bares a strong resemble to NANA MIYACHI whom we featured in a lesbian S&M release last September.  They're both petite and look incredibly innocent, but both feature a strong insistence in starring in titles that are several steps beyond regular kinkiness.

During the interview after her 'android' segment, CHIHIRO HASEGAWA mentioned part of the reason she became an AV star was to do things she normally could not do.  Her exact words were 'abnormal sex' and going by her track record, we think she's finally reached complete satiation and is now a very happy woman.

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