Aichi Nanpa Case Report

Found at Nagoya Castle

Aichi Nanpa Case Report
with English Subtitles


Welcome to another edition of one of our more popular series where we venture all over Japan to bring you the best in amateur nanpa!  Today we land in Aichi, the at times forgettable chunk of land with some scattered urban outposts located between the Osaka and Tokyo.

This time I was dying to get some footage of Nagoya Castle and brought along the perfect companion to make it very much worth it.  Her name’s Hiromi Aoyama and she’s only 23!  At a somewhat tall 167 cm (for a young Japanese woman at least!), she’s been a lifelong swimmer and an avid fan of karaoke.  But most important are her looks:  very cute and sporting a very nice body.  She’s also been single a long time—over 1 and a half years!  And you know what they say about long-term singles in Aichi, don’t you?

I’m an OK talker, but my nanpa skills were just good enough to convince her to travel with me to a know, to relax after all our picture-taking of the castle and whatnot.

She was a bit nervous at first; after all, we were strangers until just shortly ago!  But I employ my top-notch massage skills with a heavy focus on her chest.  This thankfully does the trick and she begins to relax.  My massage goes from playful to erotic and soon enough I take out my special ‘vacation vibrator’ and use it on an even more sensitive part of her.  That does the trick and switched her horny switch from OFF to ON with an almost audible click.

I was there!  It was me!  I was the one doing her, I was the one who came right into her!  I was the one recording every bit of it!  It was a special moment for both her and me...and now for you as well.

You can consider AICHI NANPA CASE REPORT to be a spiritual sequel to a title we released a few years ago featuring a very cute amateur in Okayama being picked up by the same actor/director in this one.  Both follow similar themes though I believe today's update is a wee bit longer.  One thing's for certain though:  this one features *way* more dialog.  In other words, it's a talkie.

Now as probably all of you know, we're a site that specialized in subtitled JAV so we don't abhor titles with lots of dialog.  So long as it's recorded clearly, we generally are OK with it thus had no major issues with AICHI NANPA CASE REPORT.  It's an intimate affair between the director and the actress, HIROMI AOYAMA.  Oh, and don't bother looking too deep into her filmography because there isn't much aside from this title and a few other similarly filmed uncensored ones.  She's one of those 'get in and get out' Japanese women who just tiptoes a bit in front of the camera before moving on to other pastures.

HIROMI is a fun one.  Sure, she may not be the most beautiful woman Japan's Aichi Prefecture has ever produced, but she's not bad either.  I dig the super pale skin, the small, but perky breasts capped by pink nipples, and even between the legs she's very pretty and very natural (no shaving!).  Her reactions throughout the title's 75 minute runtime are gold.  She's far from being a dead fish though predictably remains mainly submissive with the actor/director calling the is tradition.

AICHI NANPA CASE REPORT is one of those titles by DREAMROOM that can serve as a great entry point for those looking for a GOOD uncensored JAV release that's a bit more intimate than your average JAV star affair.  It also gets brownie points for actually being shot on location.  Trust me, a budget JAV flick can't fake showing Nagoya Castle with a green screen and get away with it!

We've more 'case report'-style JAV nanpa titles on the way.  Most follow this format so if real Japanese women from various parts of the country having sex in an amateur setting's your life-force, then stick around!  It'll be worth it.

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