Ai Sakura - Accidental Nakadashi Success Story

The Body of a Goddess, the Brains of a Japanese College Student.


Ai Sakura - Accidental Nakadashi Success Story
with English Subtitles


Sometimes actresses will do multiple titles with the same studio back-to-back.  It's a quick way to 'get things done' and for some who just entered the industry, it's a surefire way to jump right into the deep-end.  Rather than sticking in a metaphorical toe and finding the water too cold, some will just go all-out in order to get used to having sex on camera in oftentimes zany situations.

Today's update, the sequel (if you can call it that) to one we showed last month produced by uncensored JAV makers DREAMROOM is a worthy follow-up.  Maybe it's just the lighting, but I find AI SAKURA's time in ACCIDENTAL NAKADASHI SUCCESS STORY to be a bit more enjoyable than her previous outing with us.  Granted, I did enjoy the conversation more in the first one; I feel the director and her actually did meet for the first time so it felt a bit more natural.  However, the sex in that update felt a bit more by-the-books.

This time around, the dialog is slightly less, but it's a bit more constant throughout the release and the sex portions (ie, the majority of today's update) feel a lot more natural.  AI before had somewhat of a deer-in-the-headlights look whereas now she legitimately seemed to be having a very nice time.  A great time?  Perhaps a bit short of that, but she certainly got off and had more than a few authentic orgasms.

Thankfully AI SAKURA pushed hard and harder from this point onward.  She may never have reached A-rank JAV star status, but her filmography is rather impressive.  It's somewhat strange how some huge actresses of today got their starts doing quaint uncensored work.  Usually it's the other way around where they'll finally appear in an uncensored title before retiring, but you've your outliers like AIKA, HIBIKI OTSUKI, and perhaps more who showed 'everything' early on, but still managed to not only remain relevant, but to prosper significantly as top-rank actresses.

I can't write too much about ACCIDENTAL NAKADASHI SUCCESS STORY because it really is a simple outing.  It's not bad at all and in spite of it pretty much being self-shot, the actor/director did a swell job.  The lighting is great, the sound is even better.  AI has a rocking body and a beautiful shaved slit that reminds me a lot of a wet and perverted piggy bank.  Every part of her was put to good use and she went along as a happy camper belly flopping into the wacky and fun world of Japanese AV.

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