Saaya Sakura - When the Nude Model Had An Accidental Erection

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Saaya Sakura - When the Nude Model Had An Accidental Erection
with English Subtitles


Naive and adorable Saaya-chan finds herself taking part in a rough sketch art class featuring a nude male model.  As sketching runs its course, her eyes remain more and more fixed on the model’s penis.  She finds herself unable to look away!  Even the proudest model can succumb to the never-ending gaze of an innocent schoolgirl and bit by bit, he became engorged where it counts most.  

It remains to be seen what Saaya’s potential as an artist may be, but in bed at least, she’s in the top of her class.  

Most likely the chances of what happened in WHEN THE NUDE MODEL HAD AN ACCIDENTAL ERECTION happening in real life are borderline zero.  The biggest reason is that your average male nude art model is very much in control of his body and aside from vocational school students, those who pursue rough sketching as a hobby are generally a lot older than adorable SAAYA SAKURA.  This author can attest to the average age of rough sketch students being well into their 60's.  It's not a lovely sight unless you prefer women most decidedly mature.

What else is fanciful is the chances of an art student becoming so enamored with the model's accidental arousal that she services him then and there leading to passionate bareback sex concluding with a creampie.  Yes folks, we're well within JAV country here though a title like today's via DREAMROOM doesn't try to be anything else.

This is a short release and rather simple.  It's good though and we highly recommend giving it a spin.  Let it serve as a breather between some of the more grandiose updates we've shown recently and the madness that's just around the corner.  After all, I found SAAYA's innocence mixed with eroticism to be top-notch.  This actress only tiptoed into Japanese AV by appearing in a small number of uncensored titles before calling it a day.

I usually don't comment too much about actors and while I don't know the name of the lucky one who was fortunate enough to go condom-less with SAAYA, I did find myself actually laughing out loud at his performance.  It wasn't bad at all, mind you.  Rather, he did a surprisingly decent job of portraying a wacky yet passionate art teacher who volte-faces into a voracious lover when the time is right.  Oh, and SAAYA SAKURA's the one who initiated the whole affair making her way less innocent than she appears.

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