Rika-chan in Missing Innocence

A Playful Day at the Park Leads to...


Rika-chan in Missing Innocence
with English Subtitles


RIKA-CHAN in MISSING INNOCENCE is all about those torpid summer days after the conclusion of Japan's rainy season where one's fantasies can become real with enough passion.  In fact, countless TV shows, movies, and even anime have entire love-based story-lines all about the dog days of summer.  For high school seniors, it's that blessed last chance to profess one's love (that's a thing here) before the conclusion of their final year begins.

For today's gentleman (name not given), it's time to carry out that prurient delusion of his for real.

MISSING INNOCENCE stars the aforementioned RIKA-CHAN, a button-nosed Japanese woman with incredibly youthful looks.  Fear not though, we have her modeling contract for this release and she was of legal age during the time of filming!  Thus, she looks young, but there's no need to look over your shoulder for the po-po's.

Our time with RIKA-CHAN is one of innocence lost.  The title starts out so tame with her playing in the park and we soon enough see her eating sweets with gentleman from earlier who invited her back to his place.  Eating cakes and pies from a nearby convenience store was a messy affair and adventurous tongues were used to wipe away some of the mess.  Soon enough, one half of the party (and you can get who) got carried away when his curious tongue starting grazing close to the warmness in between her confused inner thighs.

In response to her chagrin, he faked a groin injury and encouraged RIKA-CHAN to help him out by rubbing the area as directly as possible.  This soon led to a naive handjob followed by treatment via mouth.  Of course being a novice with fellatio, her technique ended up causing an embarrassing and sticky accident.

From this point on, the play became somewhat hard.

MISSING INNOCENCE is a title part of the same series as a previous defiled schoolgirl release.  All titles in this series feature cherubic and young Japanese woman portraying schoolgirls often in dire straights.  We found RIKA-CHAN's performance to be up to par with the previous iteration of this series.  In fact, it would be challenging for a fresh-faced actress like herself to NOT perform well in a title such as this one.  Dialog from her end was minimal and all she really had to do was act shy and embarrassed and let the actor have his way with her.

Very simple!

We must make some mention of the final portion of this title that truly goes off the walls of sanity by featuring RIKA-CHAN bound and (poorly) dressed as a doll.  She looked horrid in--can we call it cosplay?  We're not even sure if that's a compliment or not as her natural look is much better.  Then again, this scene was all about twisted fantasies coming to life and although the viewer saw a confused Japanese girl in a disheveled wig and outfit, the gentleman actor probably saw his dream girl come to life.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?  We sure hope so!

RIKA-CHAN in MISSING INNOCENCE is a great defiled schoolgirl release by GUTS.  We're huge fans of this once active Japanese AV production company of yesteryear and will be featuring almost their entire 200+ library on ZENRA.  Their output was so varied and expansive that there's sure to be something suited for you!  What's more, we're the only site offering their work with accurate English subtitles which truly make Japanese adult video comprehension possible for most people worldwide.

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