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Naked Statue
with English Subtitles

When you hear the phrase, 'Naked Statue', I'm sure the closest thing it would conjure up would be perhaps an unclothed rendition of something from the ancient past and actually, that idea is slightly worked in with this film. However, the strangeness keeps getting...stranger. In a combination of exhibitionist, voyeurs, outdoor sex, and a keen imagination, today's Naked Statue is born.

It's a pretty simple concept really: take an outgoing Japanese porn star, paint her entire body including pussy * and * asshole a solid color (in this case we have gold, green, and a chalky white that really shows at night) and throw her on a podium in a public park frequented by nothing but senior citizens for some reason, and instruct her not to move a muscle.

Of course, when placed in a podium several feet in the air butt naked, even foggy eyes would take notice and sooner than later, a group of these older folk gather around the 'statue' of the cute stark naked Japanese girl on a stand and are amazed at its realism. Some gather for pictures and some wonder if this is part of an art exhibit that may feature more statues in more risque poses...they're right!

The next setup involves the same naked statue girls but now instead of simply standing around gathering dust, they are now bent over with their two painted holes on display. Others have been matched with their male naked statue counterparts and are frozen eternally in the zenith of coitus. Some only have the top half of their body painted as the bottom is semi-enclosed in the podium with a 'rear' entrance allowing visitors to explore what lies in the dark (and fortunately for them, it's the soft and waiting ass of a cute Japanese girl on peak horniness from being naked in front of so many people!

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Naked in School 4
with English Subtitles

Nowadays, with the almost always online lifestyle that many young folk lead, real life social interactions are taking a back seat. Many students as they enter college lack so many social skills that our forefathers have taken for granted and this is harming their chances at succeeding in business and in life when they graduate. Fortunately, the government has taken noticed and has came up with a plan that is now under testing at various colleges across the country: Naked school.

More specifically, since this is still in testing, only one day of the week, Tuesday, is designated as mandatory naked day for students as well as their teachers (eventually, it will be 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!). The class that is undergoing the first of the trial days is at first shocked that they were chosen and as Tuesday roles around, shock turns into embarrassment as one by one and sometimes in pairs, each boy and each girl (and this class is fortunately mostly girls and some have enormous tits!) hunch over in a vain attempt to cover their birthday suits as they huddle quickly to the pseudo-privacy of their open desk.

The first day of class in the buff is one of darting eyes taking in every flaw and every perfection that is on display. In some instances, students are required to walk up to the blackboard in the buff as their naked (except for a necktie) teacher who by now is sporting a decent hardon looks on. There is also the instance of the poor female student who mixed up the days and came in a day late in the buff and unfortunately, had to spend the entire day in the nude as her classmates constantly gawked at her.

Now it's to be understood that with everyone being naked, there can be a lot of sexual buildup and release is also a requirement in the program. At least one period a day is devoted entirely to organized sexual play. Sometimes the teacher will assign groups of two or more and give them assignments to help them better re-kindle their damaged social psyche. Imagine being paired up with one or two big-titted stark naked Japanese girls with the equally naked female teacher instructing them to examine your cock, and that's just the beginning!

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