Let's Tease Plump Masochist Riana Kiyose

Extreme Anal Play with a Fat and Bound Japanese Woman


Let's Tease Plump Masochist Riana Kiyose
with English Subtitles


Read our exclusive interview with RADIX, the production company behind this title!

Yes, we've heard it before:  Japanese women are known to be extremely masochistic both in love and also life.  This is depicted with gusto in most AV titles as well with women almost always taking submissive roles.  We try to shake things up every so often at ZENRA by featuring titles with femdom themes, but sometimes it's nice to show something on the opposite end of the spectrum.

This is where RIANA KIYOSE...uh...waddles in?  Steps in?  Bounces in?  We're not really sure how to go about this.  On one hand, we do respect women, but also know that not every person wants to feel 'respected' during sex.  There are some of us who truly get off by having our most obvious flaws exploited when mixed with the erotic.  These are masochists and RIANA KIYOSE is a proud member of their ranks so yes, the treatment she receives in this unique title by RADIX was something she yearned for.

LET'S TEASE PLUMP MASOCHIST RIANA KIYOSE is summed up on its official site as so:

"RIANA KIYOSE is a highly masochistic whale of a woman at 115kg (254lb.) and standing an impressive 174cm (5'7”).  She was raised rotten by parents who gave in to all her desires leading her to do nothing but sit around watch TV while eating almost nonstop.  Watch as she is teased in ways that are a total affront to human decency such as nose hooks, enemas, 'relieving herself' outdoors, bondage with candles, body graffiti, anal invasions, and more.  Watch as she somehow enjoys every bit of it!

Going by that title description, this is no ordinary AV and thankfully the kind folks at RADIX were the ones who had the balls to produce it right.  PLUMP MASOCHIST features some of the most direct and hard anus play of recent memory.  It's exactly what RIANA wants and its delivered without much respite.

During the interview at the beginning of the first scene, a calm and demure oversized RIANA is asked a bit about her sexual past.  From the get-go, she's always been perverted, but one of her high school boyfriends who ran miles around her when it comes to debauchery taught her the ropes of the preternaturally prurient.

She enjoys being teased in more ways than one and that's what's done to her in this 120 minute release.  Nose hook play such as what we see in TANBIKAI updates commences RIANA's descent into extreme submission and it's not long before she's furiously masturbating while being stark naked and bound with an ass devoted to much surface area totally covered in inappropriate graffiti.

Since anal play is a strong focus of this update, expect lots of action centered around RIANA's massive derriere.  From toys to fingers and pumps and enemas, everything's in play.  There even is a brief farting portion before the actual enema begins.  Also on that note, we had to cut about 10 minutes from this release as being a title that is focused heavily on the back door, some supplemental play featuring 'natural objects' leaving the body was also filmed.  We hope you don't mind, but there are some items of erotic play which even we are unable to show.

The final scene of PLUMP MASOCHIST was intense.  It wasn't a high-stakes group teasing event, but an intimate one-on-one with the soft-spoken director and RIANA filmed in POV.  This one featured a still-naked RIANA with a very large vibrator buried deep inside her anus.  Bondage ropes were used in order to keep it in place and while it was slowly, but surely buzzing its way deeper into her thick anal cavity, the director took a lit carmine candle and dotted her gargantuan, quivering frame with warm wax.  She moaned and screamed and moaned some more reaching an orgasm that can only be described as an ear-shattering caterwaul.  Headphones--at least for this scene--are highly recommended!

We don't feature BBW content that often so even if you're just a wee bit curious about seeing plus-sized Japanese AV, this is a great opportunity.  Granted, this is as far from a regular title as you can get and RIANA is an all-out masochist.  Please let us know if you would like to see more updates featuring extra-large Japanese women (100kg+) and perhaps we may add more if there is a demand!


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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