Newhalf Hot Springs with Erena

Japanese Gyaru Visits Mixed Bathing Onsen


Newhalf Hot Springs with Erena
with English Subtitles


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Newhalfs have been increasing in popularity as of late.  Once regulated to shady nightclub and hostess bar forms of employment, they now can be seen on early evening variety TV as one of the many faces that make up the ever-expanding roster of 'talents'.  Folks of all ages used to despise them--or at least think the concept of one being dissatisfied with their natural-born gender and wanting to change it was a travesty.

Now newhalfs aka shemales aka ladyboys are finding slow, but gradual acceptance into Japanese society.  There still is a long road to travel with improved gender legislation.  Unlike other countries, it's not yet possible to have one's gender changed on official records, but it's certainly feasible to be open about one's new gender and find 'normal' employment.

Nevertheless, the cost of transitioning can be sky high.  Hormones alone--which are NOT covered by Japan's great health insurance system--can cost several hundred dollars (USD) a month and then there are the slew of elective surgeries those in transition are apt to undergo.  Even having surgery done abroad is still costly and since most jobs in the current Heisei Era of Japan have less than adequate pay for lower-ranked employees, there are any newhalfs who opt to work in the water trade to make their dreams a reality.

ERENA follows this guide to life.  She's young--20 going by her introduction--and works in a brothel.  Specifically, a handjob and blowjob parlor where sex does not seem to be a given...

...but then again, a neat loophole in Japanese prostitution laws is the fact that although actual intercourse (penis going into vagina) is outlawed, other types of erotic play are not.  In the case of newhalf establishments, not only is anal sex a given, since it's technically not illegal, it can be freely advertised...

...and on that note, most likely today's 20 year-old Japanese gyaru newhalf does more than simply use her mouth and hands, but who are we to complain?

Today's release, NEWHALF HOT SPRINGS WITH ERENA is one of the many newhalf titles produced by RADIX, an AV production company we have featured many times in the recent past.  In fact, earlier last month we featured a cross-dressing title of theirs featuring (mark our words) a notable figure who will be Japan's most popular mainstream cross-dresser in a few short years.

ERENA (last name not provided) is not asked much about her back-story which is kind of a shame.  It's always nice to know a bit about the stars of titles--especially those with unique stories which is a staple of people transitioning genders.  What we do know is mainly all physical:  she has great skin that's obviously artificially tanned, dresses to impress while leaving a lot exposed, and she has something extra between the legs.  The latter may be on the small side even by Japanese standards, but it's there and it works.

Today ERENA is whisked away to an actual mixed bathing hot springs--or onsen.  Normally 'mixed bathing hot springs' equals an actual bathhouse that was rented out to film an adult video, but according to our RADIX contact, the one they visited in this production actual is a real outdoor onsen that anyone can use.  Even photography is OK!  How's that for a rarity?

The fact that this was an actual outdoor onsen led to a great deal of embarrassment for ERENA who shyly stripped stark naked before cautiously tiptoeing into the inviting warm water.  Soon enough, curious men surrounded her and can see from the screenshots to the left how that encounter went.

'Swimmingly' would suffice.

NEWHALF HOT SPRINGS featured outdoor onsen activity in the first portion of its 2 hour running time.  The latter part of the title takes place in a ryokan --a traditional Japanese inn.  There, ERENA alternates from giving and receiving in a pair of sex scenes.  The latter--where she turns fully dominant is fantastic since newhalfs are usually seen as very effeminate and rather masochistic.  Interestingly, this scene stars an actor we saw recently in a YUI KYOUNO release.  Perhaps he has a thing for 'alternative fetishes'?

ERENA may not have the most impressive member.  In fact, she pales mightily compared to last month's Kaoru Oshima whom perhaps due to his Brazilian heritage (by birthplace, not blood as he's fully Japanese) packs a package large even by foreign standards!  ERENA has more of what you'd expect from a transitioning newhalf.  Thanks to obvious usage of estrogen, she has a softer and more feminine body-type and thankfully is quite open about showing it to interested men.

We know not everyone enjoys newhalfs, but due to their nascent rise to fame, you'll see more releases featuring them not only by RADIX who has carried the torch for several years already, but by other large Japanese AV production companies as well.  Enjoy the strange, unorthodox, and all-around unique.  It's what ZENRA is best at delivering and why we hope you keep on returning to see.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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