Turned On By Indecent Cosplay Pajamas

Bizarre Japanese Apartment Where Dressing Fun is a Way of Life with Subtitles

Turned On By Indecent Cosplay Pajamas
with English Subtitles

It's hard to tell at times whether this is the true life story of a bizarre living arrangement or a young Japanese man's fantasies run amok. Pranks of a teasing nature quickly lead to romantic times without much fanfare. It's also a strange world where all the women in this household only wear full-body cosplay attire and nothing else. Regular clothing and undergarments do not exist here.

Now cosplaying itself isn't *that* unique--at least in Japan. Those not familiar with the act of dressing up can imagine an all-year phenomenon akin to Halloween. It's quite common amongst some of the more dedicated younger folk and almost mainstay amongst devoted fans of anime. In fact, most major cities in Japan have impromptu cosplay gatherings. Head over to ATC Hall in the outskirts of Osaka City nearly every weekend and you will see hordes of people dressed as their favorite anime characters. Some do fantastic jobs. Some do not. And some forgo traditional cosplay for full-on furriness.

That's what today's production is about, really. Not normal cosplay per say, but pert Japanese AV stars living out the fantasies of those who enjoy their women dressed from head to toe as wildlife. There's the cow, the tiger, and something that resembles a hamster. All feature fluffy hoods that at times cover their faces and all work wonders at hiding their bodies.

If leggy and revealing raiment is your thing, this is not the production for you. Turned On By Indecent Cosplay Pajamas is about cuteness. Heck, one of the Japanese AV star participants even sports a bonafied set of 'yaeba'--two upper canines extending lower than normal and somewhat comically resembling fangs. In the west, it means many trips to the orthodontist for uncomfortable braces, but in Japan, it's a sign of being cute and young. Shame and embarrassment do not mingle in any shape nor form with Japanese 'yaeba'. If anything, it's the zenith of the burgeoning kawaii culture boom.

There is no grand story-line here. No reason is given as to why these three Japanese women elect to wear nothing but cosplay pajamas and remain stark naked underneath. They also don't seem to have any other changes of clothes. Generally, a lacking story-line can be placed squarely in the negative column when evaluating a Japanese AV production, but strangely it works for this one. The lack of explanation as to preternatural attire choices these women make is actually kind of comical.

Why are they dressed like this? Who cares! It doesn't make sense and this time at least, it doesn't need to.

What we do know is that all three enjoy showers and are more than chummy with the sole gentleman of the house. That gentleman also likes to play pranks. Several of the scenes feature him sneaking into the bathroom while one of the woman is showering. There, armed with a pair of kitchen scissors, he makes some puckish modifications to the rear portion of her cosplay outfit. Specifically, he cuts away the area covering her butt.

Shocked discoveries highlight the early portion of scenes where the cosplay-clad AV stars gaze in disbelief at the bathroom mirror while wondering out loud why their wardrobe has been altered so. Some feign anger, but most are simply surprised and worry about how they can go outside in such a state. It really does seem like their chosen cosplay pajama getups are their only outfits!

This is about the time scenes go from playful fun to erotic romance. Most scenes consist of the man of the house sauntering back into the bathroom--or the kitchen in one scene--and commencing anything but traditional romance. Seeing a Japanese woman clad head to toe (with an exposed butt of course) while being taken from behind by a more mundanely dressed man is one of those things that'd only work in Japan. The west has nothing on this.

Turned On By Indecent Cosplay pajamas will probably not be remembered as a breakthrough in Japanese AV. However, it's a fun production that is on the light side of things. Most scenes do feature intercourse, but positions that defy gravity are lacking. It--the sex at least--seems pretty authentic, actually. It really does look like an overtly pert Japanese woman is doing the deed with her beloved beau. The strangeness only becomes apparent when you take in what's she's wearing--a sumptuous mixture of 'kawaii' and the erotic.

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