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1000 Pump Nakadashi Challenge
Part One with English Subtitles

Marriage is quite the endeavour here, there--or anywhere really. The immense amount of commitment two people must adhere to is nerve-wracking and the responsibilities and loss of independence that comes with it may be too much to bare for the weakest amongst us. Of course, marriage is simply a huge step up life's stairway, though for the youth (and post-youth) of Japan, that step is one that they so dreadfully fear to tread. The reasons why matrimony amongst the willing and able in Japan is on the decline can take a book to spell out--it's that detailed of an issue. There are so many things bringing the youth down and scaring them off from righteous commitment.

However, for the sake of the country, things must be done to alter the status quo. One such unique game of skill and fun--of the sexual kind--takes center stage today. From the first smatterings of on-street interviews of presumed Japanese couples to a quick rundown of the burgeoning marriage issue, the building blocks of this strange yet unique game come together.

'Coupled Wanted!' reads a large banner on the homepage of a famous studio. Although the initial advertisement makes no mention that non-hitched couples are preferred, due to Japan's woefully low numbers of young married folk, only unattached couples make the final cut for this strange game of endurance and chance.

The game itself is quite simple: have sex without a condom using at least three positions and finish exactly at the 1000th thrust via ejaculating on your partner's face. It's not immensely challenging by any means and couples are pining for the chance at it as the prize for success comes in at a staggering one million yen (approximately $10,000USD). When your average twenty-something Japanese salaryman only making a fraction of that a month, having an extra million yen in the bank is desirable. Calling this avarice would be a travesty.

Four couples make the final call and each couple is immensely unique: there's the young entrepreneur running his own ramen shop, the dominant female boss and her younger male underling, the sugar pops and his company accountant who's over twenty years his junior, and then the fun-loving college couple featuring a voluptuous gyaru with blessedly large breasts.

Each of the four scenes begins with an on-location interview. Outside of the nearly pure white studio, we see glimpses of 'real Japan' via the aforementioned ramen shop, an izakaya (Japanese style whatever-ya-got restaurant), a coffee shop, and a less than desirable public housing unit. Here, the couples are initially introduced and are asked about their stories. Conversation centering around their dating history together, how did they meet, etc., is carried out before finally talking about their desires for taking part in the 'challenge'. At the end, dates are confirmed and a studio map along with a nice 10,000 yen x 2 participation bonus is handed out.

The studio itself is bare-bones and empty, yet due to the warmth that the one-and-only Myuu-san brings (yes, the same Myuu-san who has hosted a plethora of CFNM films on Zenra), an aura of coziness is present. A second round of interviews takes place with the timid couples. Timid, due to fact that they'll be nude and engaging in the most carnal of acts in a short moment while being filmed. These second interview rounds focus more on the naughty parts of their relationships rather than the more mundane details covered earlier. Here, Myuu-san with her ribald sense of humor, sneaks in lewd questions about fetishes and memorable sex acts and surprisingly digs out answers. One of the biggest upsets came from the third couple--the one with the huge age gap. That timid accounting employee wholeheartedly enjoys having her anus licked! Fortunately, her partner gives and gives and even receives some in the double rimjob they engage in as they 'warm' themselves up for the main event.

Most couples have mentioned that they've always engaged in safe sex--intercourse using a condom. However, the objective of today's event is to see how long they can go without a condom. Can they make it to 1000 thrusts? What if they finish too early (hint, this happens more than once) or too late (this also happens...but...)? The rules of the contest when it comes to timing are anything but forgiving, but Myuu-san, being the unsullied angel she truly is, offers couples who finish too early a deal: they can go for another round right away and if a second ejaculation is achieved precisely on the 1000th thrust, they will receive half the prize money.

This second go-around is quite the tall order. In fact, one couple came within 140 thrusts of the goal before accidentally finishing. Going from freshly ejaculated to rock hard and ready to finish once again in 140 thrusts is nigh on impossible--even for the most sprightly amongst us yet one couple tries their darn hardest.

The reactions to the couples who had an early orgasm are hilarious: the female boss tersely instructs her younger co-worker to get to it whereas the college couple's beau also plunges right back in mixing his rebounded stiffness with fresh semen and the womanly juices of his lover. Doing the act bareback for the first time in combination with that unique milky sensation surely feels soundly piquant.

The interview portion of Amateur Couples 1000 Pump Nakadashi Challenge (oh, and for those not familiar with naughty Japanese lingo, 'nakadashi' simply means to 'ejaculate inside') is critical. Without it, you'd just be watching randy Japanese couples make love in a stark pearl-colored studio with a strange counter presumably counting thrusts.

A non-Japanese speaker may understand the gist of the game, but the reasons and the aural emotions these couples go through would be lost. Full and accurate English subtitles are provided from the get-go that allow us to truly enter the mindsets of these four gung-ho Japanese couples.

Who are they? What do they do? What do they like (in bed)? These questions--some of life's most important--are answered as each gives it their all in a game of precise and pleasurable timing. Will any finish on that distant 1000th thrust? Just ask Myuu-san and perhaps she'll fill you in.

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1000 Pump Nakadashi Challenge
Part Two with English Subtitles

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