Naked Continent India Subtitled

Japanese AV Star International Erotic Travelogue

Arisa Nakano at Narita Airport

Pale Japanese AV star waits for Lassi in Delhi

Demure Arisa Nakano in Delhi hotel

Arisa Nakano gives blowjob with butt in the air

Delhi Hijra pose with Japanese AV star

Arisa Nakano battles the Delhi heat

Shiva Linga description

Linga found in India

Arisa Nakano prepares for rooftop massage

Japanese AV star topless for Ganges River massage
Smiling Arisa Nakano receives topless massage in India AV star in tiny thong while being massaged by Indian masseuse
Arisa Nakano views nighttime festival in Varanasi Varanasi Ganges River night festival
Darsana Indian Ideology Japanese AV star topless in Ganges River
Shy topless AV star fitted for sari Arisa Nakano poses in Indian sari
Japanese AV star wears sari while having sex Genuine orgasm face on Arisa Nakano

Naked Continent India
Part One with English Subtitles

Once in a blue moon there comes a production that veers well out of course of standard adult video--scene after scene for two hours or so of orthodox acts of coitus--and ventures into uncharted waters. Zenra has always been about showcasing movies that skirt the edge of normalcy with concepts and story-lines that take place 'out of the box'. On one hand, this production stays somewhat on the comfortable side with its lascivious scenes of physical expression but what surrounds them is the exotic--the mystical Orient from the eyes of the Japanese. Today, we venture to India. Really.

Arisa Nakano, as pale-skinned as they come with something rare in modern Japan amongst young women: natural black hair, accepts the chance of a lifetime to leave Japan's welcoming and safe environment to journey abroad well beyond the 'safe' fare of popular tourist attractions such as Hawai`i and Guam. Her and her producers' final destination: Varanasi, India, the crux of the Ganges River.

Fresh out of the airport with night quickly descending, Arisa Nakano and her production crew attempt to wage unchained combat against the incredibly thick and muggy air of Delhi by sampling their first taste of local Indian beverage: the lassi. It's chill, sweet via ample amounts sugar mixed with fresh mango, and enjoyed thoroughly by all.

After a bit more walking around through packed streets bustling like a rowdy fete, they eventually retire to their hotel where Arisa Nakano engages in lovemaking with one of the crew members. The scene itself is pretty unique in how 'real' it feels. It truly plays out as a window into actual sex between two wanting humans finding comfort in a strange new environment rather than the caterwauling scream-fest that normal adult videos showcase. Another aspect that also is relatively rare in Japanese adult movies is that Arisa Nakano is totally bare down south and remains so for the entire week-long trip. She's also an incredible squirter with closeups accented by sounds not normally heard during heated coitus.

Sex itself plays somewhat of a minor role during the first part of Naked Continent India. After Arisa Nakano's first erotic foray in the hotel room, she's back on the streets the next morning with luggage in tow making the mighty eight hour commute from Delhi to Varanasi. The rest of the production centers around this bustling area of locals and pilgrims alike who both take pleasure in the cultural and religious significance of the Ganges River.

An interesting tidbit that gives this vacation video diary a more documentary-like feel are the cultural explanations provided in between most scenes. Information about the Kama Sutra is standard, but who reading this knew about the Indian Hijra, the transgenders in gaudy Saris who--the unfortunate ones at least--roam the streets looking for money from tourists? Arisa Nakano and her crew encounter a pair--one incredibly handsome and one not so much--and after they leave in a huff of annoyance, you, the viewer are given information about the Hijra taken straight out of the Japanese Wikipedia (with full and exclusive English subtitles) about their unique lifestyles and role in Hindu society.

Some scenes--although not overtly sexual--do have somewhat of an erotic vibe. Towards the end of their first day in Varanasi, Arisa Nakano receives a traditional Indian massage on a rooftop overlooking the Ganges. The massage itself is standard fare in that it is not erotic, but Arisa Nakano receives it topless with only the tiniest of bikini bottoms for modesty. Well-placed closeups highlight this scene and Arisa Nakano's reactions to some of the more unique techniques her masseuse uses are genuine.

From the eyes of Japanese AV, we view the nightly Puja festival held right on the Ganges River. It's a collection of song, dancing, and tradition that thousands come and watch. Unfortunately, a blackout chose a sour time to occur and Arisa Nakano's appreciation of this fantastic festival was cut short. However, she returns again to the Ganges the following morning for a more personal experience.

The following morning, Arisa Nakano is shown wearing a traditional Indian bathing dress and timidly takes her first steps into this massive river. Amongst a huge group of Indian bathers, she is instructed to take a few dips up to her chin (it is not in her best interest to accidentally drink the water of the Ganges River!). While doing so, her producer instructs her to lower her top down to her waist and rise up. Shy, at first, she complies and takes part in an impromptu topless photo-shoot amongst actual Indian bathers. Surprisingly, most don't even notice a pale-skinned and very attractive Japanese women with breasts bared having her picture taken. In fact, due to Arisa Nakano's shaved state, she brazenly lowers her dress even more to the point where pubis would naturally be exposed while the shutter continuously snaps away.

Later scenes feature Arisa Nakano trying on and purchasing her very own Sari--the type of flowing dress that can be held in the same cultural relevance a Kimono--or Yukata in the hotter months--has in Japan. Later, while wearing said Sari, she engages in steamy--literally steamy as their hotel room's thermometer read 40 degrees Celsius--lovemaking at the hotel.

Not every scene of sex in Naked Continent India features Arisa Nakano doing the deed with Japanese production members. The final two scenes showcase her going all the way with an itinerant. Not Indian, this dreadlock-sporting black gentleman lives the natural life and studies under a local guru. During his conversation with Arisa Nakano and her crew, he mentions he only speaks a little English but his accent is that of an American. Whether this was the purpose of the Japanese production team to hide his origin is up for debate, but he truly is a long-time dweller in India having spent the last ten years crisscrossing the country up to the reaches of the Himalayas on multiple occasions.

Shibababa as he calls himself joins Arisa Nakano on a private and enclosed motorboat on the Ganges River. There, betwixt a massive crowd of bathers and other boaters nearby, they engage in semi-private intercourse. Arisa Nakano is incredibly surprised at first due to the gargantuan size of his member. She compares it to a banana--in fact, she mentions that it's significantly larger than a banana. Nevertheless, she sucks on it with Japanese adult video prowess the normal working girl could never achieve before mustering the gravitas to take it in.

Naked Continent India is by far one of the more unique productions in recent years. Taking a timid Japanese AV star and sending her off to the chockablock world of India and the Ganges River takes an immense amount of initiative and planning. More than scene after scene of sex, this title ventures into the territory of true exploration as we witness this pert adult video actress taking in the felicitous non-stop fete that is nocturnal Varanasi along with joining the masses in the welcoming Ganges River—topless!

Naked Continent India features dialog that is a mixture of Japanese, English, and Hindi with Japanese receiving full English subtitles so you can thoroughly understand this incredible voyage through the eyes of Arisa Nakano and her production crew. Even for those who prefer more bizarre sexual interactions showcased elsewhere on Zenra, Naked Continent India is surely not a title to miss due to its highlighting of unique Indian culture through the lens of Japanese adult video.

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Indian guru with black itinerant

Arisa Nakano pays homage

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Kama Sutra explanation
Smiling Indian hotel romane with AV star Pale skinned AV star in Indian hotel
Spread eagle Japanese AV star eaten out Bent over Arisa Nakano gives blowjob
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Naked Continent India
Part Two with English Subtitles

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