Milking Semen Under the Blue Sky

CFNM Japanese Semen Ranch Documentary with Subtitles

Milking Semen Under the Blue Sky
with English Subtitles

Although service industries have been covered many a time in the past both recent and distant, kinky outlets of salacious fun for Japan's female counterparts have barely been given any time to shine. Yes, it's true that at least once upon a time in Japan's more chirpy, bubbly past one could head over to the lascivious streets of Kabukicho akin to a pre-90's Times Square to find sex shops catering to any fetish imaginable. Do you want to satiate your 'chikan' (feeling up someone on a train) inner demon? There's a place for that. How about a place where YOU can be chikan'ed by a lewd office woman while riding a fake train? That exists too--or existed.

Every single one of us has desires, likes and dislikes, both naught and mundane with some purely sublunary and others that throw orthodoxy into the ringer. The women featured in today's new heavily CFNM-themed sexual service showcase surely fit into the latter category with their frequent patronage of a special ranch on the very distant outskirts of Tokyo deep in the boonies. Only today has a film crew been given permission to conduct interviews (and more...a lot more!) and with the keen leadership of the very urbane and outgoing Rui Saotome, they get all the footage they could hope for.

Welcome one and all to the Semen Ranch where you, an office lady, school teacher, or two gyaru on extended hooky play, can cater to your most hidden urges of drinking semen to your heart's content all under a pure blue sky.

For those with an unsullied love of all things CFNM but urge for something truly preternatural in its strangeness, this is the production that can finally scratch that untraceable itch. Men--anonymous nude men known only as Penises--with their heads wrapped in fraying off-white rags and nothing else act as cattle for group of curious and eager women. Each of these women are interviewed one at a time and cannot help themselves but to express love of semen consumption which the Semen Ranch allows them to satiate via the nonstop, no-limit milking of their Penises.

Each scene of this truly out of this world Japanese CFNM production showcases today's four customers either solo or working in tandem on milking their Penises using a wicked combination of teasing, stroking, and of course, licking with the result being a creamy conclusion emptied directly into their wide open and waiting mouths. The first scene after Rui Saotome's 'discovery' shows a group of hyperactive gyaru still in schoolgirl uniforms teasing their two Penises and the CFNM fun runs interruption-free to a pale-skinned umbrella-wielding office lady with a coruscating, malefic twinkle in her eyes as she takes her dear time teasing her Penis to an ejaculation.

Soon after, a school teacher--an actual school teacher!--is found in one of the more 'private' stalls taking care of two Penises simultaneously with a level of gravitas only a true proctor of the amorous arts could manage. From gentle cooing to slurpy no-holds barred blowjobs that encompass shaft, balls, taint, and even freshly shaved anuses, she leaves her sultry saliva coated all over her temporary property. Each customer explains to the increasingly piqued Rui Saotome how difficult it is to express their true, unchained desires in the 'real world' thus this kinky Semen Ranch in the middle of nowhere is their only true outlet to the often-desired feeling of liberation. Will we soon see Saotome-san joining in on the all-you-can-drink milking?

The caretaker of this zany Japanese CFNM sperm collection ranch also deserves special mention. She's lithe in all the good ways and coated from head to toe in a natural chocolate hue that only being outside in the natural sun can grant not to mention having a tongue a certain aging rock vocalist would raise an eyebrow out...yes it's that long. Two scenes feature her as the solo woman on the Semen Ranch: one in the early morning hours ensuring that her freshly woken Penises are milked of any leftover semen from the day before (one of the Semen Farm's most important selling points is the fresh, unique taste of its sticky prizes) and again at night featuring her clad topless in overalls showing off her golden tan as she milks some of the Penises that did not get their time to shine with the day's customers.

Each of her scenes concludes with almost unnecessary long close ups of her beaming face as she licks up every drop of fresh semen with her preternaturally long tongue before loudly gulping it down. From a male perspective, this may not be the most appealing thing to watch but to each his own.

Although Milking Semen Under the Blue Sky features many scenes that end up in those strange, often uncomfortable close-ups of semen that Japanese adult films are quite fond of (most likely to show 'proof' that actual ejaculate was used?), this truly is an incredibly unique and bizarre Japanese CFNM production. Turning nudist men into anonymous Penises for the pleasure of a group of energetic clothed Japanese women who want nothing more than to drink freshly squeezed semen nonstop in a bucolic setting that is world's away from cramped city living is a volte-face in standard 'services' production.

Milking Semen Under the Blue Sky also features full and exclusive English subtitles that shed some light onto the reasoning for both the ranch's existence and the motives of the customers both frequent and first-timers. There's a reason why they come all the way out here and our documentation, Rui Saotome highlights all of it before joining in herself. The urge to not sample fresh, natural semen is too much for the average woman to brush off and even those with the most fortitude such as our hard-at-work Saotome-san, cannot resist a fresh Penis when offered under a welcoming open and blue sky.

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