Subtitled Japanese New Half Massage Clinic

Japanese New Half CMNF ENF Sensual and Holistic Rubdown Service

Japanese newhalf in massage gown

Lingerie clad Japanese newhalf receives shoulder massage

Spread legged Japanese newhalf with obvious bulge on massage bed

Overhead view of topless Japanese newhalf having erotic breast massage

Overhead view of Japanese newhalf with erection poking out of panties

CMNF ENF Japanese newhalf nude massage

Japanese newhalf lies nude on massage bed while receiving handjob

CMNF Japanese newhalf on all fours on massage bed receives anal exam

Tawny haired Japanese newhalf massage

Tawny Japanese newhalf laughs as instructed to spread legs
Nude ENF Japanese newhalf with butt in the air Nearly nude Japanese newhalf has butt cheeks massaged
ENF CMNF Japanese newhalf anal region massage Freshly shaven Japanese newhalf erotic nude massage from behind
CMNF Japanese newhalf on all fours receives handjob Nude Japanese newhalf sensual massage
Spread eagle CMNF Japanese newhalf handjob massage Japanese newhalf has handjob and anal play on massage bed

New Half Massage Clinic
Part One with English Subtitles

With the rigors that life brings almost nonstop in their ability to pile up, the build-up of stress is a common occurrence for everyone both young and old, male and female...and of course this also applies to those who fall in between the cracks where ironclad definitions become hazy. Gender issues aside, when one is stressed--physically stressed as in today's four examples--what better way to wage unchained war against taut muscles and sore joints than a relaxing full body therapeutic massage? It just so happens that the theme of today's outlandish production is that of massages and after almost a half year gap between the previous massage update on Zenra, it is welcomed with open-arms and a little bonus protruding from that sensitive area between the legs.

Although the theme of today's production are clinical and therapeutic full body massages, the stars of the following scenes of holistic and sensual shiatsu are four very unique individuals that blur between the lines of genders: all sport long, luxurious hair, makeup skills any diva would call her own, a high-pitched voice courtesy of years and years of mastering the high arts of Japanese burikko ('burikko' is the phenomenon of how Japanese women use a higher-pitched voice when in work environments, advertising products, or simply on the phone. The word itself stems from the bubble era of the eighties and is not used that often nowadays but the meaning is permanently etched into modern Japanese culture.), and most important, a penis.

The following four scenes of what goes on during a new client's initial examination at a clinical massage spa star Japanese new-halfs. For those not in the know, a 'new-half' is the Japanese term for a male-to-female transsexual. Consider 'new-half' to be the Japanese vernacular with the same meaning as 'shemale' and 'ladyboy'. From all outward appearances, a new-half walking down the street should look like a woman though those only beginning their transsexual odyssey may still have work to do mastering the feminine saunter and the high-pitched voice.

Fortunately, all four new-half clients in today's production have their feminine traits locked in tight. As an added sweetener to those who prefer their new-half's natural, have no fear as plastic surgery-sculpted breasts are not present. All four posses natural small yet feminine breasts most likely achieved through the wonders of estrogen therapy. In fact, the client in the final scene actually possesses the ability to lactate (!).

With a total of four scenes each coming in at around forty-five minutes, a gamut of massage techniques both orthodox and heterodox are put to use through the skilled hands of two polite and energetic male masseuses: one is slim and athletic with a full head of hair while the other is follicle-challenged, but possesses an immensely powerful lascivious desire for his new-half clients that he only lets loose during the final minutes of his two appointments but is well worth the wait.

Each scene starts with a fresh new-half client walking into the private examination room followed by the chirpy masseuse who instructs her to take a seat on the examination bed while conducting an impromptu interview to assess the course of action to take. Some clients complain of sore legs and shoulders and others of lower back aches and pains. Treatment starts after the client changes into the provided examination gown (with underwear still on underneath as instructed by the masseuse).

From light massaging of tired shoulders and legs to a smorgasbord of basic stretching, all outlets of therapeutic therapy are applied to these increasingly exposed Japanese new-half clients. Each stretch such as the very visually pleasing one that involves the client spreading both legs wide as her chest is stretched outward reveals not only her bra through the sagging and unfastened gown, but also the very obvious bulge in her panties.

The masseuses become more and more handsy as the bizarre treatment progresses from innocent stretching and back rubs to caressing inner thighs and butts all in the name of improving 'lymph nodes' and 'blood flow'. As minutes pass, the new-half clients become more and more exposed due in part to the urbane small-talk that the masseuses apply: "The way this bra is positioned may severely impact the efficacy of the massage", "We need to lower your underwear just a bit in order to focus in on the lymph nodes", "If it's alright with you, I can also perform a special inner massage of your groin area",...

Little by little, these increasingly shy and embarrassed Japanese new-half clients lose every shred of modesty. First the bra is slightly lowered before disappearing entirely. Not long after, the provided examination gown is whisked away, and finally their increasingly tight panties are sensually stripped away leaving them stark naked on the massage bed with a very obvious erection and welcoming anus that becomes the crux of this therapeutic massage. It's hard to call this portion of massage a perfect example of CMNF and ENF--or embarrassed naked females--as the gender of the client can be hotly debated. Either way, towards the end of each scene we are treated with the incredibly salacious view of a stark naked Japanese new half with a very turgid erection being sensually worked on by a clothed masseuse.

The highlight of this production lies in the very rich sexual non-sexual way the masseuses guide their increasingly embarrassed yet aroused new-half clients from modestly clothed in robe and underwear to stark nakedness. For those of you unfamiliar with Japanese sexual non-sexual productions, take a look at the unique penis washing series for another example of how salacious acts of pleasure can be innocently intertwined with hygienic and relaxation services.

Through clinical instruction interspersed with technical vocabulary related to the natural bodily pathways and sprinkled with this and that about proper lymph node production (all provided with full and accurate English subtitles), these suave masseuses use every inch of their built-up acumen to achieve a CMNF situation like no other turning their new-half clients into ENFs with a rigid bonus between the legs.

Each scene finishes up with the massage focusing in on the new-half's most sensitive region down south as ample amounts of lubricant in concert with skilled hands are caressed back and forth using a variety of motions. While massaging her 'outer genitalia' (as they call it--interestingly, 'penis' is never once uttered during this huge three hour production), the masseuse uses his free hand to commence a sensual anal massage like no other. First lubricating a finger, he then slowly teases her rear entrance before smoothly and gently sliding it in to massage her prostate.

All four scenes conclude with raunchy anal sex where the erection-sporting masseuse beleaguers his viciously aroused client's welcoming anus. The last two scenes in particular feature a masseuse who transmogrifies from a chirpy service-industry Japanese-speaking robo-massuese into a carnal beast as he pruriently takes the concept of a new-half rimjob to new heights before inserting his surprisingly small yet erect member into her welcoming, wet hole.

The New Half Massage Clinic is a fantastic production for those who are into massages (obviously), service industry-themed situations, sexual non-sexual services, and transsexuals. All four new-half massage clients are considerably above average in the looks department and truly come off as everyday people looking for a way to reduce stress from overwork. No scene comes off as phony or scripted and fake moaning is thankfully nowhere to be found. This is as authentic as they come.

This production also benefits from the inclusion of full and exclusive English subtitles. In fact, to truly appreciate what goes on during this immense three hour long massage-themed production, it's critical to understand what the masseuses are saying. It's not simply a case of ogrish men in white uniforms giving handjobs to new-halfs. There's a deeper sensual and holistic level to this production that further solidifies that crazy yet wholeheartedly welcome concept of Japanese sexual non-sexual services and without full knowledge of the dialogue used, one's comprehension would be severely lacking.

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Japanese spread eagle newhalf massage

Newhalf with bulge has a massage

Lingerie clad Japanese newhalf massage parlor

Shy newhalf in lingerie has sensual massage

Topless Japanese newhalf has erotic massage

ENF CMNF Japanese new half handjob massage

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Japanese newhalf nude anal massage

Spread legged newhalf Japanese massage

Topless newhalf has sensual breast massage
Demure topless newhalf covers breasts on massage bed Spread legged Japanese newhalf with erection pointing up
Topless Japanese newhalf penis massage ENF CMNF Japanese newhalf massage
Japanese newhalf handjob and anal massage ENF CMNF newhalf massage handjob butt view

New Half Massage Clinic
Part Two with English Subtitles

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