Japanese Schoolgirl Sexual Massage with Subtitles

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Japanese Schoolgirl Sexual Oil Massage
Part One with English Subtitles

A knock on the door commences the bizarre oil massage themed escapade about to occur in this non-descript health spa located well off the heavily trammeled path of normalcy--even Japanese normalcy. The knock that starts it all is quickly answered by a cheerful and chirpy male massage therapist putting on his best burikko voice (an asexual high-pitched friendly tone) who quickly welcomes his next client and her older guardian in with a warmhearted and mirthful greeting and segues them into the comely reception room where a questionnaire is handed to his client, a demure Japanese schoolgirl.

Her ambitions are sky high and with an audition for a presumably prestigious talent agency coming up tomorrow, standing in front of the emotionless, stoic judges with glistening, healthy skin and a positive, rejuvenated outlook is critical for success and what better way to achieve this sumptuous goal than a relaxing full body oil massage?

Becoming a Japanese talent, you see, is a huge deal. With the recent influx of 'talent' groups such as the 1980's bubbly idol throwback that is AKB48 (short for Akihabara 48 due to their Tokyo 'otaku' origins), the young and naive light-skinned with straight black hair blue-blooded schoolgirl look is back in. These types of auditions can be fierce and demanding and with hundreds if not thousands of starry eyed pert Japanese schoolgirls hoping to be selected (even though the 'pay' is essentially non-existent), the chances of making the cut are slim to none. Nevertheless, dreams can't be measured in the physical sense and even if success is not achieved, there's always another an idol audition coming up thus the vicious cycle of practicing for the gold is a never-ending, trying process.

Using anything and everything in one's arsenal is a crucial step and after hearing about a massage parlor that many of the popular talents go to, an ambitious Japanese schoolgirl decides to make the plunge to splurge on a relaxing full body oil massage treatment. The questionnaire handed to her is totally nondescript; asking about basic bodily stats and living arrangements and nothing more heterodox of note. Once filled out, the chirpy male masseuse leads her into the treatment room where Ersatz-inspired classical elevator music sets the holistic yet strange mood while a motley collection of stuffed animals surrounds the massage table where the majority of this kinky tale will unfold.

First instructed to lie face up still in her schoolgirl uniform, Ms. Misaki rests as comfortable as she can get on a lightly cushioned rejuvenation bed as the masseuse gently examines her clothed (for the moment) body to see if there are any issues such as extra taut muscles or imbalances. Minutes past and finally, in a suspiciously deeper tone than he had out in the reception room when she was still with her mature guardian, instructs her to change into the provided clothing. Once prepared, the main portion of the treatment--the sensual oil massage--can begin.

With the placement of cameras both in the treatment room and the changing room as well--which are there with the consent of both the schoolgirl and her guardian as the clinic is using footage from sessions for 'training' purposes--Ms. Misaki strips out of her Japanese schoolgirl uniform panties and all before searching around for a thing to wear. In front of her is a plush bathrobe and after reaching into one of the pockets, she discovers her oil massage uniform: a pair of sheer, very small panties that are so miniscule and compact that the top of her pubis sticks out even when the panties are pulled up all the way.

Although a bit confused by the lack of a proper outfit for the oil massage, Ms. Misaki musters up well-honed sangfroid which will be essential during tomorrow's trying talent audition and ties up her provided bathrobe before sallying out of the changing room while announcing in an unfortunately less-than-talent-like non-stentorian voice that she is ready for the massage.

This time, the more masculine-sounding masseuse instructs her to lie face down and unfasten the bathrobe before pouring copious amounts of clear massage oil over her lower body and gently rubbing it in. It would be difficult to call what he does to her an actual massage as his strokes are more careless and soft than an actual massage would entail. Also, although oil massages are obviously oil-based, they don't shower the client in a downpour of glistening, pore-clogging liquid.

Something very suspicious is going on in this strange, private massage parlor.

With every stroke and caress, the masseuse works his way further and further up the slightly plump yet hale legs of his relaxing tiny panty-clad Japanese schoolgirl client. Eventually, his firm hands graze the plumpness that is her well-formed derriere and she suddenly tenses up. Being her first ever massage, naive Ms. Misaki asks if this is normal for an oil massage and the masseuse responds in the affirmative. How far will this strange massage session actual go?

With her exposed lower body sufficiently drenched in massage oil, glistening Ms. Misaki is instructed to flip over. As she begins turning, however, she asks what to do with her bathrobe. The cheerful masseuse says he will take it from her and this predictably surprises her. 'What am I to do about my chest?', she cautiously queries. 'We need to work that area too as it's a central lymph node nexus', replies the masseuse while taking away her robe. Not knowing what half the words in his reply but deciding with ill-timed acumen that since it sounded scientific, it must be OK, she passes him her bathrobe while shyly covering her surprisingly large breasts.

The oil heavy massage continues with her upper body and with the unique aid of a camera place directly above the massage bed, the shy Ms. Misaki, glistening like a freshly detailed automobile with one too many coats of wax, does her best to cover her Japanese schoolgirl breasts but being on the larger than average size, she inadvertently exposes a nipple...a perky nipple at that. Perhaps this massage is leading to true relaxation after all?

After working on her midsection for an unexpectedly long time, the masseuse instructs her to relax her shiny arms at her sides so he can concentrate on her chest. Mildly hesitant at first, she obliges and exposes her breasts to him and the camera above while shutting her eyes in a fraught case of severe stage fright. The masseuse gingerly caresses and squeezes her breasts considerably more in a lascivious and scabrous manner rather than medicinal and Ms. Misaki seems to unknowingly begin to squeeze her refulgent oil-soaked legs together whether in embarrassment or perhaps something else. What a massage truly is is something she lacks the knowledge of and this apocryphal take on an oil massage being her first ever holistic, rejuvenation experience, accepts it for what it's worth.

This strange and bizarre Japanese schoolgirl massage doesn't end with casual breast grazing--or groping. It continues down south as the masseuse urbanely transitions to the womanly warmness between her thighs and casually strips off her panties. Again, asking if all massages are performed in the nude like this, he replies with his 'importance of hitting the lymph node nexus' spiel and continues the process of removing the last vestige of oil-soaked modesty remaining between him and her dark, damp tightness.

The beauty of the overhead camera highlights the glistening body of the shy and increasingly indecent Ms. Misaki as she covers her face in embarrassment knowing that her nude, aroused body is being taped and will be seen by a plethora of massage therapy students across the country (and all for a measly 50% off the session list price). Her legs now spread and with the assistance of yet another camera placed in front of the bed, her most private and intimate (not to mentioned soaked) regions are on full view and are tenderly worked with unchained passion by her masseuse. Both an outer labia treatment followed by an inner muscle examination take place and the masseuse uses his entire arsenal of skilled hands and fingers before stripping nude himself for a strange take on a South Asian body-to-body erotic massage.

This massage session has a marginally predicable ending except for one surprise twist that may confuse some viewers as the concept of Nakadashi is taken to a new level of bizarreness (this one's for you, queef fans) along with the usage of some very unorthodox positions that are completely out of the norm in a massage clinic such as the tried and true rest-on-all-fours anal massage and the spread-eagle stark naked schoolgirl stretch with exposed butt in the air.

Once the session runs its sticky, ambrosial course (with the somewhat out of place Ersatzian classical music aural backdrop), a changed and extra demure Ms. Misaki tiptoes her way back out to the reception room to meet her guardian. Asking if she had a pleasant experience, she quietly answers, 'yes.'

The Sexual Oil Massage for Japanese Schoolgirls obviously isn't the name of the actual clinic. In fact, if a clinic had that name, it would most likely be some strange Japanese schoolgirl fetishists 'health' spa located in the heart of Kabukicho where for a hefty hourly fee, horny Japanese salaryman can dress up as masseuses and 'massage' sex workers and out-of-work kyabakura (Cabaret) girls. Nevertheless, the fantasy has been made into a three-hour visual reality for fans of massage-based rejuvenation and with the aid of full English subtitles, the pre- and post-interviews become more than just something to skip through before the 'action'. Now it's possible to see how these shy Japanese schoolgirls respond to their first ever sexual experience.

Unfortunately, we never get to find out whether or not Ms. Misaki and her 3 Japanese schoolgirl peers made the cut and become bonafied Japanese talents. Even if they didn't, we can always share their salacious memories of their first ever sensual full body nude oil massage experience.

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Japanese Schoolgirl Sexual Oil Massage
Part Two with English Subtitles

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