CMNF Bottomless Caretakers

Half Naked Japanese Caregivers with Subtitles

Bottomless Caretakers
with English Subtitles

If you weren't aware already, many developed countries nowadays all face a rather severe, growing problem that will only worsen in the next few decades: a combination of a declining birth rate along with longer and longer life expectancies has led to a dire shortage of young people to take the places of their aging elders. Japan, in particular has been plagued by the “koureika” boom as of late (“koureika” is the Japanese word given to the phenomenon of a huge influx of non-working senior citizens very akin to the “baby boomer” term used to describe Americans born in the 1950's) and if young people don't start giving birth to more than 1.5 children a couple soon, the problem will only escalate.

Well that's enough doom and gloom for now but it serves as a requirement to introduce a new type of service catering to the growing population of Japanese elders in need of assisted care. You see, the concept of assisted care in Japan is rather new. Most older folk will usually live with their eldest son in the family house. Unfortunately, with more and more young people leaving the countrysides and heading to the city to dwell in sardine-casing like apartments, taking in a family member who is unable to support themselves is quite a challenge. Until recently, their only other option would be to move back to the bucolic countryside and live a simpler life while their parents live out their most golden years in relative peace. For some, this is an option, and for others, now they can turn to assisted living.

To help bring in more seniors who may be adverse to the idea of living in a 'home'--or a 'community' for older folk, the government has come up with some pretty zany ideas to increase the number of residents. One of the more bizarre and strange ideas is to have a nursing home that is staffed solely by cute, young well-endowed Japanese girls (for Japanese standards, even a C-cup is considered above average so big-breast lovers out there, please try not to be disappointed!) whose uniform consists of a neat teal and white short-sleeve polo shirt complete with a customized name tag and matching knee-high socks...and that's it! These cute, outgoing, and most importantly, caring Japanese nursing attendants go about their jobs totally bottomless—no pants, no skirts, and most certainly no panties. Everything below the waste is exposed for the sights (sometimes very limited sight for some residents) and the touches of this rapidly-growing-in-popularity retirement home.

This being the final act of the lives of many of the elderly residents here, the bottomless no-panty staff take kindly to their requests no matter how risque they may be. For example, one cute attendant gladly offers her cute round Japanese rear end to her favorite resident so he can receive an up and close examination of it with both his failing eyesight and his still-powerful tongue which he uses with gusto as he slurps her exposed ass crack in the middle of a busy and very public hallway. Soon after, we see her reciprocate by having him remove his pants and join her in her bottomless state while she fellates him as other caregivers and their residents watch on with smiling faces.

There also is the daily afternoon nap ritual which shows us each bottomless caretaker assigned to a resident lying side by side in a dimly lit room. In a sweet example of how much they care for the well-beings of their residents, they raise their shirt and expose their large tits thus making them about 75% naked allowing their horny charges to suckle their large nipples and caress their asses.

In one of the final scenes of this unique documentary on the lives of a group of very lucky seniors participating in a wacky new assisted living facility, we see one of the residents celebrating his birthday in the games room along with the rest of the residents and all of the cute bottomless Japanese caregivers. As the party begins to wind down after a good fifteen minutes of mild festivities, one of the exposed attendants with a milky soft ass and a somewhat unshaven bush (which is the style) asks him what his birthday wish is. Bashful at first mentioning that if he states his wish, people may think him strange and it most likely won't come true, she comforts him while patting his crotch and tells him that he shouldn't think so negatively and to spill the beans. Finally he confesses that he would like to make love to one of the caregivers—preferably her—right in front of everyone. Smiling, she removes his undergarments while he sits back slack-jawed with a dreamy gaze across his face while the room full of seniors and their half-naked female Japanese companions with large tits watch on in glee as they have sex all the way to its lustful conclusion.

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