Ayu Sumikawa - Hospital Stay

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Ayu Sumikawa - Hospital Stay
with English Subtitles


Given the political climate, it's hard not to talk about the pro's and con's of universal healthcare.  And don't worry, this review is far and away NOT about THAT landmine of a topic.  Rather, we're zooming in on the wonders of Japanese healthcare done with a JAV twist.

It goes almost without saying that as Japan's population continues to age, the numbers of daycares may plummet (except if you live in major cities) and the numbers of hospitals, clinics, 'day centers', and more will rise.  With all those old people needing extra support, it's inevitable that you may see an actual medical facility try to offer 'sexual relaxation services' as part of their offering in ways that push legitimacy.

AYU SUMIKAWA, a fresh-faced JAV star, plays a nurse in this setting.  OK, so of course this isn't a real clinic, but who knows--it could be a slightly adult video'ish portrayal of what may happen some years from now.  Imagine being a lucky patient needing a urine sample, but are too stiff to give one.  Imagine then that a cute and polite nurse notices your predicament and helps out with you not needing to raise even a finger?  And what if you two decide to have sex then and there because...why not?  Oh, you can finish inside her too because all nurses in this futuristic get-up apparently are always on birth control.

That and more is covered in this VR update by WAAP.  HOSPITAL STAY is relatively straight-forward.  Even for a VR title it doesn't pack too many surprises and being new to the industry, AYU still naturally remains near mute while going through the motions.  I wonder if doing VR early on is harder or easier than regular filming?  On one hand, the actor remains still so one variable of the coitus equation is rendered near moot.  However, the actress then has to pick up the slack by putting an arousing and sound performance on her own.

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