Reona Maruyama - Cowgirl Sex for a Positive Pregnancy Test

A Surefire Way to Prevent Cheating!


Reona Maruyama - Cowgirl Sex for a Positive Pregnancy Test
with English Subtitles

Every time you think Japanese gyaru have had their time to shine, every time society as a whole is ready to move on from their artificially tan miens, their bubbly and vivacious personas, and their cloyingly sweet perfume showers, they just keep on coming back.  Again and again!  JAV is known for having its 'gyaru booms', but it seems like the expected 'busts' do not really happen or if they do, what you have is an environment not with zero gyaru, but with just a lower number of them for awhile.

REONA MARUYAMA keeps the flame of their kind lit.  OK, you've AIKA as well, but she's of the previous generation and although I find her beautiful, as someone who has some familiarity at least with the dangers of too much UV for just too darn long, I fear for her skin as she ages gracefully into her thirties.  Eventually something will give and I hope she realizes that maintaining 'AIKA' may not be worthwhile for her health in the long run.

REONA is young and in your face.  She's exactly what you can imagine a Japanese gyaru to be and plays her role in this VR update via WAAP with gusto.  She knows she has to be the leader, she knows she has to be outgoing, and she just rolls with it.

YOU play her teacher.  How exactly you two are related is never clearly explained.  Are you her tutor?  A teacher from school (assuming she doesn't just cut class)?  Who knows.  What IS known is you two have a secret relationship, but you also have zero control over your trouser snake and due to a friend of REONA's with too much free time, you've been found to be cheating on your already illicit JAV schoolgirl relationship.

REONA loves being with you and loves sex and wants to keep her relationship with you active for as long as possible.  Thus, she devises the idea of having sex with you (nothing new there!), but this time sans condom with the intention of you cumming inside her so she gets pregnant.  Her reasoning?  If she does get pregnant, you probably won't cheat anymore.

I don't think she's thought this one through to its ultimate conclusion.

Like the previous title we showed the other week starring ASAHI MIZUNO, you can now regularly expect full-on sex and a lot more in WAAP's VR releases.  They're shot very well and I hear they're selling like half-off unagi at supermarkets shortly before closing--in other words, they're really, really popular and should not be missed!

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