Anzu Hoshi - The Pool

Yes, THAT Pool.


Anzu Hoshi - The Pool
with English Subtitles

It's still amazes us how HoloFilm had what it took to fly out to Japan to shoot some JAV VR.  It's not everyday a foreign company does adult filming here so seeing them not only do it, but do it with a professional actress in what's considered by many to the quintessential AV set requires much in terms of congratulations.  They did what many think is impossible and I for one hope they return again sometime soon to film more!

Today's update, THE POOL, stars ANZU HOSHI whom probably by many of you is a name that doesn't ring a bell.  Honestly, before this release I had no idea who she was either, but I'm glad that I now know a thing or two about her (and what she looks like naked too!).  She's only been doing AV for a short time yet already now has bona fide international acclaim.  It's not often JAV stars shoot for foreign companies--in fact, with very few exceptions, it almost never happens.  The opposite is more likely to occur such as what we've seen a few years ago with Mia Malkova flying out to do some shooting for PLUM / MOMOTARO.

THE POOL, like MY AFTER SCHOOL ENCOUNTER and all the other VR titles we've released before them are all pretty simple affairs.  This one again thankfully goes beyond CFNM teasing and includes full-on sex.  Intercourse VR is something we're going to start showing more of from here on out as I know that's something many of you want to see way more of.  Consider THE POOL and AFTER SCHOOL ENCOUNTER to be the precursors to something grand.

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