Ai Mukai - The Office Lady Who Cannot Get Enough of You

I Wouldn't Hire Her.


Ai Mukai - The Office Lady Who Cannot Get Enough of You
with English Subtitles


AI MUKAI has been on my radar for some time now.  There's something about her...something special.  Can it be her looks?  Maybe?  She definitely is one of the more unique Japanese AV stars of recent years; very few consistently sport hair as short as hers (that she recently cut even shorter!).  Can it be her age?  She claims to be 22, but looks closer to 30.  However, rather than saying this as a negative, for her, it's only a plus as she looks youthful in appearance, but mature behind the eyes.  It's a rather strange combination that works well for her.

I think more than anything it's her charisma.  She definitely has "it".  She really comes off as truly loving being in front of the camera doing naughty things.  Other actresses have had "it" as well though I think AI MUKAI may be in a class by herself.  I can definitely see her remaining in the industry with gradually ascending status over the next few years.

Our first update with her at ZENRA is a VR one via DREAM TICKET.  Non-VR updates are on the way, but this time around we're starting on the tame side of the equation with a short release all about AI, the office lady hopeful, pretty much seducing her future boss.

That's the sum of THE OFFICE LADY WHO CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF YOU:  interview concludes and AI gets frisky with you, her job decider.  Whether she actually is hired (like hell I'd hire someone in this situation!) is not answered though if there is a enough user feedback, I can contact the title's director and ask if there's a super secret epilogue where that is answered and more.

Compared to previous VR updates, today's has quite a bit of dialog.  All have featured mute men and women in slight femdom roles and this one's no different, but AI amps up that eroticism-via-sexy-talk to a magnitude we haven't seen until now.  It's great to experience and it's as full immersion as you can get thanks to the supplied English subtitles.

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