Kana Morisawa - Forbidden Nurse Behavior

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Kana Morisawa - Forbidden Nurse Behavior
with English Subtitles


Most likely in terms of themes, the 'naughty nurse' probably was one of the very first ones attempted way back in the salad days of JAV.  Think the mid-to-late 1980's.  You'd start with your straight-forward titles such as your really early document AV releases and eventually directors would try their hands at other fetishes and nurses and teachers and maybe even office ladies were high up on that list.

Since then, there have been countless nurse-themed titles release:  thousands at the very least.  Tens of thousands and more is a possibility!

It was only time before those naughty nurses mixed in with the nascent VR technology that fortunately more and more Japanese AV producion companies are taking advantage of.  I think today's update, KANA MORISAWA (previously known as KANAKO IIOKA) in FORBIDDEN NURSE BEHAVIOR may be the first of its kind--at least by DREAM TICKET.

Like all the other VR updates we've shown so far, don't go in expecting something grandiose.  FORBIDDEN NURSE BEHAVIOR is again a simple affair with a simple theme:  you're the patient admitted in a hospital (one JAV fans probably have seen many a time).  You haven't been able to 'relieve' yourself for gosh knows how long.  Fortunately a very 'people-oriented' nurse with surprisingly good looks and supernal bedside manners decides to help you out in the way that counts most.

Strip, lick, stroke, squirt, fin.  It's as simple as that, but KANA absolutely nails the amorous nurse persona.  She successfully mixes caring for a patient in ways both medicinal and naughty with the actual duties of a nurse.  In other words, she comes off both as approachable and erotic, but does so in a way that she still gives off the air of just doing her job and not inviting the patient into some sort of illicit affair.

Being a DREAM TICKET title, expect more than warranted focus on male nipple stimulation.  We're not exactly sure why some of their directors like it so much, but nipple play is often a fixture in their releases regardless of overall genre.

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