Azuki - My Own Personal Maid

Your Own Japanese VR


Azuki - My Own Personal Maid
with English Subtitles


Who here would love to have their own attractive and young Japanese maid who lives to serve?  Imagine if she would happily do anything you asked of her no matter how salacious it may be.  Of course cleaning and cooking are a given (and even window-washing too!), but what about your 'other needs'?  You know, "personal" needs.

This is where AZUKI comes into the picture in MY OWN PERSONAL MAID.  AZUKI, a first name-only Japanese AV star who debuted very shortly ago is already making waves as the possible successor to the recently-retired TSUNA KIMURA.  Both look somewhat similar (though TSUNA claims to be a quarter Caucasian) and both are masters of everyone's favorite 'innocent yet extremely naughty' act.  AZUKI's still the new girl in town so it's still up in the air if she will exceed TSUNA's previous status.

Since this is a shorter VR update by WAAP, it's hard for us to really delve too deep into this title.  In fact, you may notice our reviews for all VR updates are a bit on the shorter side.  It's still a new technology and as of now at least, Japanese AV production companies are tiptoeing into these types of productions.  Whether you're watching a WAAP title or a release by another studio (that we may add depending on demand), you're still mainly going to be seeing titles that err on safe themes.

VR Bukkake and other harder and zanier titles are still just dots on the horizon.  Right now you're more often than not going to see POV-based updates putting you in the an otherwise static role while a beautiful AV star treats you in ways most salacious.

And that best sums up today's update, MY OWN PERSONAL MAID.  It's AZUKI portraying the ideal Japanese AV "maid" and doing a rather fine job at it.  I'd love to have her serve me in a soft master-slave relationship and I'm sure I'm not alone.

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