Kyoko Hayama - Immoral Wife Bathhouse Vacation

When Wives Don't Get Enough Sex

Kyoko Hayama - Immoral Wife Bathhouse Vacation
with English Subtitles


This author will never tire of cheating wives JAV movies and neither should you.  It's the genre that keeps on giving pushing a theme that (probably) will never be all too controversial.  I mean in most western countries while adultery is frowned upon, it's not exactly illegal (except in NY state).  It's a rather 'safe' genre in that it mainly stars older women having consensual sex with older men.  It's far and away from riskier movies starring schoolgirls and harder sex.  In its stead, you generally have the women initiating these unfaithful encounters.  So yes, cheating wives may be looked down upon by some, but you can't go wrong with it!

And with that said, it's time for another update from our JAV time capsule via GUTS.  KYOKO HAYAMA in IMMORAL WIFE BATHHOUSE VACATION borrows a lot from the MAKI TOMODA title we showed some time back.  Both follow almost the same format and both are short, but well-edited releases that don't overstay their welcome.

While I'll forever be a MAKI TOMODA fanboy, I think KYOKO HAYAMA put on a great show.  Sure, she may not be as beautiful as MAKI (who by the way is *STILL* active), but unlike MAKI, I've a strong feeling going by her lactating breasts in the final scene that she may actually be a mother.  My apologies about being the bringer of a let-down, but don't ever take everything said in these Japanese AV interviews at face value.  Some things are the truth stretched and others are outright lies.  My advice:  enjoy the title and accept its realities for the confine of its runtime.  Enjoy yourself!

Speaking of reality, you can't deny that the train encounter in the first scene of IMMORAL WIFE BATHHOUSE VACATION was in a class by itself.  Blue screens and fake train cars were *not* used.  GUTS was never that big of a studio so fancy sets emulating trains and train stations were skipped in lieu of using the real thing!  Yes, on a real train heading to their destination, a real unfaithful Japanese wife who never did JAV before stripped stark naked and had sex.  I'm sure lookouts were used, but that scene by itself is a perfect example of some of the insanity done during the real golden age of Japanese AV.  You'll never see that attempted nowadays.  You'll find few places willing to even sell it!*

IMMORAL WIFE BATHHOUSE VACATION is a nice movie about having a quickie affair.  I enjoyed it, but perhaps not through and through.  I don't know the director's name, but he seemed to have done a lot for GUTS and he seems to rely on sex toys a bit too much.  Even short titles seem to be filled with close-up shots of them being used for a bit too long.  As IMMORAL VACATION has quite a few encounters, some of the sex toy use/abuse gets a pass, but if I could travel back in time and meet this guy for dinner, a reserved suggestion about dropping some toys and replacing them with more natural skin-on-skin foreplay would be warranted.

*Strangely, as 'theme' restrictions and mosaic rules vary day by day, nearly all big box JAV retailers seem to 'aww shucks' themselves when it comes to selling older and at times more daring content.  Mosaic may be thicker now, but you can go to the same sites and open up a studios' back catalog to see some real surprises!  A double standard?  Possibly.

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