Hitomi Kanou - Reverse Nanpa in the Public Housing Projects

Sexless Wife Calling for a Fling


Hitomi Kanou - Reverse Nanpa in the Public Housing Projects
with English Subtitles

Welcome to a series all about real older, married Japanese women in sexless relationships who do the unthinkable by calling for experienced men to pleasure them!  Of course their husbands (who almost certainly are sleeping around!) remain blissfully unaware.  

Hitomi Kanou, age 37, is the star of this edition featuring a very unexpected reverse nanpa encounter.  While she may be down on her luck living in decrepit public housing, her sex drive is jet-set!  Today she is visited by Abe-chan, a JAV actor who knows many a thing about extreme pleasure.  He’ll be showing her the ropes in what may become a long-term yet clandestine sexual relationship.

Any Japanese celebrity know-it-alls can probably guess already why the actress in today's uncensored JAV update by DREAMROOM is named HITOMI KANOU.  OK, the HITOMI part is probably random, but the last name is no coincidence.  While many a time new JAV stars just let agencies pick out names from a book, other times they may push their luck by slightly modifying the name of a well-known person if the actress has a passing resemblance.  So yea, you can probably guess who HITOMI KANOU looks like.  Hint:  there's two of them and they're supposedly "sisters".

Getting names out of the equation, REVERSE NANPA IN THE PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECTS is a title I've found myself loving since the moment we licensed it.  It's pretty much a given that HITOMI KANOU is no knockout.  She's older (37), and in this title at least is married.  She's been in a sexless relationship for years, she has a shape that isn't exactly desirable, and she--oh who cares!  What's great about a title like this is the realism.  Sure, you can pleasure yourself to jaw-dropping beauty anytime (and we've many updates--hopefully--that fit that bill!), but it's seeing 'real' Japanese women do raunchy acts of passion that turn out to be the most popular movies we show on ZENRA.

It's no surprise for us that updates like HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG by HOT ENTERTAINMENT that feature pretty much nothing but older, married, and questionably attractive masseuses consistently rank near the top each time we add them.  A mosaic-free amateur nanpa title about a real unfaithful wife we also think will satisfy that demand to see unabashed sexuality in a cozy setting.

This movie in spite of being self-shot has some nice camerawork.  I've been critical at times of those that totally rely on one actor/director, but this is an example of one done right.  It doesn't hurt that it was shot on a beautiful sunny day.  Natural lighting is always a welcome bed-friend to solid JAV productions.

What I found a tad bit annoying was just how talkative this actor was.  You could tell he truly was enjoying it and perhaps was playing up his personality due to 'playing' an actor being called to pleasure a married woman.  He may also was just trying to liven up the naturally coy HITOMI KANOU, but there were times where he could've held some back.  I mean he comments over and over again about having sex with her on her husband's bed.  Sure, that's a sexy thought, but he really didn't have to say it half a dozen times.

HITOMI's got a big butt that fortunately gets a lot of time to shine.  It's big, wide, and glorious and the doggy-style sex was in a class by itself.  In spite of that, it was the POV blowjob encounter some time before that I found enjoying the most.  Seeing that slightly older sexually unfulfilled cheating Japanese wife go totally to town on his dick was something else...

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