Erotically Sadistic Housewife Miho Ohashi

Massively Busty Japanese Wife Goes Beyond Having Affairs


Erotically Sadistic Housewife Miho Ohashi
with English Subtitles


Depending on who you ask, the talent pool of prospective Japanese AV stars is drying up or has never been better.  It really is a polarizing view that can vary whether you ask fans of AV, production companies, or even the modeling agencies that act as both stables and psychologists for the women padding their photo-books.  What we know for sure--and this is an obvious one that applies worldwide--is that when there's a need, the role will be filled.

Be it a woman in dire financial straits or someone who is a closet nymphomaniac chained to a husband who couldn't care less, the allure of being the star of an adult video title is tantalizing.  The impressively well-endowed unfaithful wife of today's release at ZENRA, EROTICALLY SADISTIC HOUSEWIFE MIHO OHASHI, is more of the latter.  Right off the bat, the off-camera host/actor is all pleasantries and comments about her upscale residence.  We don't get to see inside due to her mother-in-law visiting, but the building itself is pretty ritzy.

Building on this, money itself was never a focal point of the interview portions of this title.  In previous unfaithful wives releases, the reasoning for AV has frequently been a combination of sexual desire and wanting to make money.  For MIHO OHASHI, it appears like it was all about the sex and not much else.

Now don't get MIHO nor the the bulk of this title wrong.  EROTICALLY SADISTIC may be slightly shorter than other milf releases, but it packs a lot!  In terms of scenes, it's just as numerous as longer releases.  This time around, the editing has focused on trimming as much 'fat' as possible resulting in a very streamlined title.  Dialog also was a major aspect of MIHO's time with us.  With just over 800 lines of subtitles in just under 70 minutes, this was a 'talkie' and we're proud of how the subtitles on it turned out.  A lot was said between MIKO and the actors and not being in the know would be a travesty.

The first scene featured an incredibly daring car ride through some of the posher areas of Tokyo.  It was similar to the one featuring YUKIKO as it featured MIHO gradually stripping until she was essentially stark naked.  She was then instructed to masturbate and this time around some passersby actually spotted her!  Since she had a much larger stage presence than YUKIKO, this made for quite a show for the lucky folk who were in the right places at the right times.

Words of praise must be said for MIHO's fantastic figure.  We weren't privy to her cup size, but it's a given she's the type of woman who has to buy bras at specialty shops.  The second scene which took place in a private pool (!) affixed to the love hotel suite rented out for the shoot began with MIHO in a miniscule bikini that did nothing to hide her chest.  Soon enough the bikini was stripped for erotic playtime right in the water that concluded with an oddly out of place one-sided water-gun fight.

Scene summaries are something we try not to pad our reviews too much with, but the last scene featuring MIHO and a long-haired actor straight from the tanning salons featured her wail out one of the most powerful orgasms we've ever heard.  It was so intense we'd be surprised if the production crew did not receive complaints from neighboring rooms in the love hotel.  Women in AV sometimes are criticized for faking it, but what MIHO provided was as real as they come.

We love movies such as EROTICALLY SADISTIC that involve amateur women tiptoeing their way into the prurient world of Japanese AV.  GUTS made a couple of dozen in the same vein and we will be showing ALL of them at ZENRA.  For those who read our reviews often, you'll probably know by now that we're major fan-boys of early to mid 2000's Japanese AV which by now at least can be considered 'classic' titles.  They may be older, they may be shot on SD cameras (or worse in some cases), but this era can be considered the nexus of many of the types of AV titles we all take for granted today.

We wonder what MIHO OHASHI is doing now.  Is she still with her husband?  The interviews in EROTICALLY SADISTIC made mention that both were having affairs so it did not sound as if their marriage was that stable.  Divorce rates among younger couples are also on the rise so there is a chance she's no longer part of the 'OHASHI' family.  We hope she's happy and although we tried hard, we couldn't find any more AV titles credited to her so this may be it for the voluptuous MIHO OHASHI with the breasts from the Pure Land.

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