Chigusa Hara - Twenty Ejaculations and Counting

Real Japanese Gokkun That Never Ends!


Chigusa Hara - Twenty Ejaculations and Counting
with English Subtitles

Read a transalted interview with CHIGUSA HARA!


Every Japanese AV star brings something new to the table.  Of course with their numbers, there's going to be many similarities, but don't just take a quick glance at one and blow her off for looking too much like .  We know there are fans out there who are dedicated to actresses long retired and care little for any of the (many!) fresh faces that continuously dot the ever-expansive adult industry.  Avoiding the new while dwelling solely in the past is a shame and sometimes you may even miss out on other long-running actresses who've had their fair share of ups and downs.

CHIGUSA HARA is one such actress.  You see, it's not unheard of for an actress to announce her retirement and then bow out for awhile only to return again later.  Usually in these instances, their 'second wind' doesn't last and their second retirement comes with much less fanfare--or none at all.

For CHIGUSA HARA, it's almost as if her popularity in recent years has made her initial two year bout as the former YUME KYOUNO a footnote.  Her initial activity while using the YUI stage-name was lackluster and brief with only about a dozen titles she appeared in (and she didn't even star in them all!).  A somewhat short respite in 2012 saw her return with an almost unheard of passion and her output since then under her new CHIGUSA monicker has been intense and unrelenting to say the least.

She's been featured in titles by almost every big name production company out there and even granted some time to RUSHER MIYOSHI to appear in one of his ever-popular GOKKUN titles which is where we are today.

CHIGUSA HARA - TWENTY EJACULATIONS AND COUNTING is another splendid addition to the RASH GOKKUN library of Japanese AV.  Expect a whole mess of sticky semen play that maintains a fun and playful atmosphere that also leaves the actress generally in charge for a change from start to finish.  GOKKUN may be what RUSHER MIYOSHI's most known for and other studios since then have 'emulated' his success.  However, none do GOKKUN in the playful way he does and of course, thanks to our newfound relationship with both WAAP and DREAM TICKET, we will be showing GOKKUN from other studios so if that's your dream-come-true, then sit tight.

TWENTY EJACULATIONS' only negative to its otherwise near-perfect tally is that it doesn't bring much in terms of innovation.  Just about all the scenes featured in this release have been done in other RASH GOKKUN titles.  However, CHIGUSA HARA's performance with her sticky semen co-actors was one of a kind.  Some actresses such as the now-retired (forever?) AYU SAKURAI act part-surprised and part-disgusted by swallowing semen which we know is something fans like.  CHIGUSA HARA, on the other hand, happily swallows whatever's emptied into her mouth, but does it in a way we can only describe as 'vivacious and bubbly'.

We have no doubt that GOKKUN and CHIGUSA HARA go together like rice and natto.  She gave an intense performance and the conclusion of all scenes showed her actually dripping sweat--something you almost never see AV stars do.  It may have been the weather (this title was filmed in the peak of summer), but CHIGUSA HARA had some extreme perspiration going on.  Fortunately, it didn't ruin her makeup or her confidence.

No matter what weird GOKKUN situation presented to her, CHIGUSA had the unparalleled alacrity to go in with mouth wide open ready to catch every drop of each juice man's sticky and bitter output.  And of course, being a title all about swallowing, expect lots of close-ups of her open mouth with tongue concave from the immense pressure of semen.  Expect her to then swallow it all as audible as possible with eyes becoming moist from pure bliss.

From a subtitling standpoint, this was a fun title to work on.  Being all about GOKKUN, RUSHER MIYOSHI knows how to capture audio in the best of ways that keeps everything clear.  A major caveat is when directors seem to forget that sound can make or break a production and seeing is simply not enough.  With RASH, the aural experience is crystal and we're thankful for that.  Without it, you'd never hear the mellifluous notes of a pretty throat closing around piping hot cum.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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