Women in Tight Oiled Up Jeans Give Me Footjobs

Japanese CFNM Foot Fetish Play with Amateurs

Women in Tight Oiled Up Jeans Give Me Footjobs
with English Subtitles


Not every Japanese woman in the industry wants to be #1.  Unlike the mainstream world, there are women in this expansive yet clandestine industry who maintain a 'get-in get-out' mentality.  In other words, they want to be in as many titles as possible in short time span while staying under the radar by not taking on any starring roles.  For them, the goal is to do something a bit naughty and get paid way more than what they'd normally make from a regular part-time job.

As discussed on My Dearest Desire, there exists many niches of acting for women interested in working in the AV industry and a title like WOMEN IN TIGHT OILED UP JEANS GIVE ME FOOTJOBS is the perfect fit for the aforementioned hesitant type.  Full-fledged AV stars are not needed here!  Rather, the unabashed inexperience of amateur women is what's required and that's precisely what we get over the four brief, but unique scenes that make up this title by GUTS.

We know that most fans of ZENRA--well, fans of adult video in general--prefer sex.  And we know that a title like this is more of a parts-centric release, but please do not let that deter you.  Foot fetish enthusiasts in particular will get a kick out of this title which on top of butt-in-jeans worship, features footjob finales for all four naked men.

CFNM also is a strong theme of WOMEN IN TIGHT OILED JEANS GIVE ME FOOTJOBS.  All the women stay totally clothed (though the abundant use of massage oil makes their jeans incredibly form-fitting) whereas the men may start in conservative dress, but find themselves totally stark naked with groin drenched in oil by the end.  After all, aside from some light masturbation-through-jeans teasing, this is a title mainly centered around male sexual gratification.

Perhaps it was the lotion--in fact, it HAD to be the lotion--but we're in awe that all four men were able to get off solely via foot play.  We admit nobody at the office are major fans of the foot fetish genre (not that we dislike it!) so this type of erotic play is also somewhat of a mystery for us.  Most likely it was less about the sensation of potentially cold toes encircling one's erection, but the femdom aspects of a cute woman 'stepping down' upon one's most private and sensitive area...?

Although the full names of each of the four women in this release were not provided, you can see pretty much all of them in other titles by GUTS who seemed to have its own stable of girls-on-call.  This was a very unique adult video production company that on top of making more straight-forward hardcore titles (which we show from time to time!), also had an impressive library of very fetish--or maniac--titles as well (which we also will be showing from to time!).  All titles made by GUTS aside from a small handful with themes a bit too 'hard' for the west will be shown on ZENRA in good time so if alternative titles such as today's update are your bag, then you'll be pleased by what's on the way.

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