The Polemic War on Masochistic Erections

Subtitled Japanese CFNM with Extra Teasing

The Polemic War on Masochistic Erections
with English Subtitles


Ladies and gentleman, the age of the herbivorous man is upon us!  More and more of us both here in Japan and abroad in other developed nations find our time spent between working way too much at the bottom of the ladder (known locally as being a 'hirashain' -- or bitch to everyone).  Days and most nights are spent 'working'--and by that we mean staring blankly into computer screens at 7:30PM waiting for the boss to finally go home and dreading the high possibility of another nomikai--or 'drinking party'.

Perhaps a scant several minutes before the last trains depart we finally are provided a sliver of freedom to dash home and we take it!  We rush to the station, hop into the brightly lit train seconds before the non-forgiving doors shut, and arrive home an hour and a half later.  Before bed, we rub one out, but being the future and all, our choices for erotic entertainment have expanded massively compared to the era of our forefathers who only had rather straight-forward magazines and wicked imaginations.

This is a recipe for failure and its the true story of the vicious cycle many a young salaryman truly experiences.  Work, work, rubbing one out, some rest, and more work.  Forget marriage.  Forget maintaining one's body.  Forget hunting and bonding with the opposite sex (outside of monthly visits to the soapland if you have that kind of spare change!).  This endless cycle of tragic self-gratification has produced a gargantuan generation of apathetic men who lack the balls to make the first move.

They're as far from being carnivorous as possible.  If it requires lifting a finger, they'll pass.  Fortunately, the same marriage-less environment has produced a burgeoning generation of carnivorous Japanese women who don't hold back when their emotions run rampant.  Men are their playthings and they surely love teasing them even when the play turns prurient.  They'll stay clothed though as there's no way pathetic herbivorous men know a thing or two about reciprocal sexual pleasure.

With that in mind, we present another bona fied CFNM release by GUTS, THE POLEMIC WAR ON MASOCHISTIC ERECTIONS.

A short title clocking in just under an hour, but it's nearly non-stop with clothed Japanese women verbally abusing naked and aroused men.  And we mean it when we call it non-stop and abusive!  1,000 lines of English subtitled dialog in 60 minutes is a massive amount of talking and frankly without the captions, you'd lose a massive chunk of this title purpose.

Each scene runs about fifteen minutes and half feature one very attractive woman and two feature two women at the same time.  Both the scenes with only one female participant and the two scenes with the duo were fantastic.  All the femdoms in training had a strong command of verbal assaulting and were incredibly attractive to boot.  The GUTS girls who appear in this title fortunately appear in quite a few more that we will show on ZENRA.  They're always dominant and enjoy teasing naked men.

Please note that THE POLEMIC WAR is only partially a senzuri release.  Senzuri, for those without thick Japanese dictionaries full of erotic vernacular, means masturbating while someone watches you.  This is an authentic fetish that many men get off on to the point where 'Masturbation Cafes' exist.  There for a rather inexpensive rate (compared to full-fledged brothels), Japanese woman--CLOTHED women, mainly--will watch you play with yourself to ejaculation.

The second half of each of the four scenes show all female participants taking slight pity on their naked male partners.  Handjobs thick with spit are provided.  Some even go so far as to fondle testicles (though no anal teasing in this release unfortunately).  When ejaculations do happen, they're ridiculed and the teasing keeps on going as their rather exposed encounter fades to black.

We hope you enjoyed the self-pleasure THE POLEMIC WAR ON MASOCHISTIC ERECTIONS should have brought about.  We know not every ZENRA subscriber associates as being a card-carrying member of Team Tease-Me, but considering the ghoulish release being added in just a few days, we figured taking a slightly enjoyable and direct-to-gratification route was warranted.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1005
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