All Things Armpits

Specialized Japanese Amateur CFNM with Subtitles

For The Love Of All Things Armpits
with English Subtitles

Everyone has their unique fetish that sets them off like nothing else. For most of us, it's pretty mundane all things considered though usually involves something traditionally sexual. There's those who are fond of butts, fans of breasts, legs, even feet. All have ample elements of femininity which for some men are all that is necessary for a superb intimate encounter. Looks can be thrown to the wind if that one portion of the female physique is up to par and then some.

There are folks out there who take their fetishes to another level and find themselves dearly aroused by non-conventional parts of a female body. Today we meet four some Japanese gentlemen all whom have self-admitted fantasies involving armpits and nothing else. They love the look of armpits, the sensation of armpits, the at-times noisome odor of armpits, and even find orgasmic joy when taking a pair of tweezers and going to town on a shoddy shaving job.

Japan, already known for its treasure trove of exceptionally bizarre adult fetish videos which are known locally as 'maniac' titles is not one to forgo showcasing this very unique genre within a genre. This is not a story production about the adventures of a few men attempting to pick up women for intimate armpit inspections. Rather, the amateur Japanese women have already been assembled and already are prepared for bizarre examinations of their armpits. All are in camisoles or less. One even wears a rather revealing bikini.

For the Love of All Things Armpits is about as far from normalcy as one can get. It's Japanese AV in its truest definition (from a foreign standpoint). Bizarre and weird barely scratch the surface of this very fetish-focused featurette of the female armpit. All the women taking part are shaved so armpit hair fans will have to wait another day when we do feature productions with adult video stars who truly go au naturel.

Each of the four scenes here generally follow the same format: a very short introduction followed almost immediately by a visual inspection of the amateur participant's armpits. Looking, of course, is never enough and a tongue is soon involved. Some of the men only take a very cursory licks before busting out the tweezers and plucking a few idle hairs that a morning shaving session failed to conquer.

The last scene in particular features an older glasses-clad gentleman who goes to town plucking almost a half dozen hairs while his target squeezes her eyes shut in extreme embarrassment. She's slightly on the heavy side (by Japanese standards), but isn't shy about showing her somewhat hourglass form as she's the only one of the four stars of this production who opt to take part wearing a bikini.

Plucking armpit hairs is one thing, but being an adult production with a heavy CFNM theme, the main portion of each scene is dedicated to a unique method of male gratification. The armjob (?) involves placing an erection in between upper arm and a smooth armpit with an ample coating of lotion and rubbing back and forth. The female participant generally stays still and looks on in a lascivious combination of embarrassment and awe.

For one of the armpit-worshipers, the view when taking part in an armjob is insufficient so he finishes via self-gratification while staring slack-jawed at the armpit he just licked, plucked, and used as a masturbation device.

For the Love All Things Armpits squarely fits into the burgeoning genre of maniac Japanese AV which will be featured more on Zenra from here on out. It's worlds away from normal and shows what can be possible when production companies put into play the most extreme and outlandish of fetishes. Dialog, although one-sided, does occur throughout the entire production and is completely subtitled in English for your viewing benefit. Those wanting to see something different should watch this unique production with an open mind.


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