Penis Enlargement Training School

Bizarre Subtitled Japanese CFNM Instructional Seminar

Penis Enlargement Training School
with English Subtitles

Although many may say otherwise, penis sizes across the planet don't vary that much. Of course, some groups of people may be more well-endowed down south, but if you ask any well-experienced woman, it's not the size that matters, but how you use it. Nevertheless, some men simply lack size and with it, ample amounts of confidence thus find themselves sex-less, girlfriend-less, and woefully inadequate. It's the classic case of rock bottom self-esteem due to a pesky physical issue. This type of problem exists everywhere and today we zoom into a burgeoning academic laboratory in Shibuya, the heart of Tokyo, where a new type of treatment is being practiced in hopes of solving the worries of men with very low confidence due to having small penises.

Today, we're once again joined by the vivacious Myu-san--Myu-sensei for today as she dons the white robe of a doctor, but with a very low cut top--who long time fans of Zenra may recall as the host with the caterwauling voice of a gamut of CFNM movies along with the ENF and CMNF embarrassment-fest that is Stark Naked Emergency Safety Drills. Myu-sensei, with the aid of five gyaru nurses, takes on five men with inadequately small penises for a crash course in penis enlargement. The techniques--which she picked up while studying abroad in America (or so she says...)--are as natural as they come and as we'll soon see, very 'hands-on' with a focus on pair-work rather than solo-play.

One by one, each of the five Japanese penis enlargement candidates are stroked and licked to bring about a solid erection as Myu-sensei carefully watches and instructs. Once a full erection is achieved, it's quickly measured and notes are taken by the four observing nurses. This is a prime scene featuring some very salacious bottomless CFNM that ends woefully short of a sticky conclusion (that'll be shown later--in multiples).

Once measuring is out of the way, the nuts and bolts of Myu-sensei's penis enlargement training school begins. Through the two hour production, five separate enlargement programs are showcased with progressive and very licentious themes. The first program, Voice-over Training, focuses first on having the Japanese nurses simply staring at their paired penis so close that they 'can count the pubic hairs'--as Myu-sensei points out--before incorporating various levels of naughty-speak. The goal here is instill the foundation of sexual confidence and it seems to do the trick.

Next up is Penis Stretching which focuses mainly on advanced handjob techniques. From counter-clockwise twists and turns incorporating simultaneous stroking, the legerdemain of these Japanese nurses is put on full display. Also, fans of CFNM rejoice as nurses remain proper although clients strip down to their birthday suits. The CFNM Penis Stretching course also features the first of many accidental ejaculations. For some clients, the stimulation from this introductory program is simply too much and the nonstop advanced stroking by the soft hands of Japanese nurses sets them over the edge. Nevertheless, with a secondary theme of multiple ejaculations, they aren't 'eliminated' like other productions that feature amateur male performers. Rather, these types of accidents are encouraged by both nurses and Myu-sensei herself.

From Penis Stretching we venture to the very realistic Mouth Vacuum method where warm and moist mouths envelop increasingly solid erections. Myu-sensei explains that the mouth of a woman is very similar to her vagina in pressure and temperature. Thus, it's an ideal preview of direct stimulation via you-know-what coming up shortly. Blowjobs are taken to a new level here as Myu-sensei goes into fine detail on the art of sucking and licking. Everything from initial contact to sucking down at the base before slowly sliding up the shaft and popping out at the tip are covered and practiced over and over...and over. And of course, accidental ejaculations resurface much to the delight of devious Japanese nurses and a beaming Myu-sensei.

Although CFNM and direct penis-play featuring no intercourse is the showcase of the first half of the Penis Enlargement Training School, the second half zooms in on a very unique training element: Vagina Pressure Training. Here, Myu-sensei remarks that the vagina possesses immense sucking power--greater than that of the mouth--and to truly bring about an increased penis size, training via direct intercourse is necessary. Each candidate is called in during this final program and is put through a harem treatment like no other as all five Japanese nurses strip naked and pleasure him via hands, tongues, and of course--their vaginas. The goal is to last as long as possible. That's it. The longer they can endure the intense and indomitable pressure that a highly skilled vagina can create, the longer their erection may become.

Myu-sensei even remarks that she had a previous candidate see a 10 centimeter (approximately 4 inches) increase through successful training and fortitude. Can these five new students compare?

The last scene mimics the first scene of the production with measuring. However, the aim now is on how much these five amateur Japanese men have improved. Did they exceed the national average? Depending upon how you hold a ruler, the answer is yes--though, this is anything but a clinically proven experiment and calling it peer-reviewed would also be a mighty stretch.

The Penis Enlargement Training School is a very unique production though saying it's truly extraordinary would be pushing it. There are a few things to nitpick about first and foremost being the names: both the names of nurses and penis enlargement candidates were constantly switched. In fact, the on-screen captions during one of the final measurements had the wrong name shown. In these instances, every effort was made through English subtitling to ensure a level of continuity was kept, but with the names wrong from the get-go, some level of snafu may still remain. It also was very obvious which nurses were the stars of the show and which were not-so-kindly regulated to bench-warming status.

Either way, Myu-sensei--or Myu-san as she's usually called--is magic. With a wide face with high cheeks and a button nose, she's as cute as they come and her piercing voice is one of the most unique in the business. The nurses themselves also played their parts well though those expecting the realism that the nurses from the Tekoki Clinic ( search.php?query=tekoki clinic subtitled&search=1 ) series possess should look elsewhere. No actual Japanese nurse will have two-inch long nail extensions and a nut-brown tan in the middle of winter; leave that to the gyaru.

Minor flaws aside, fans of penis-centric movies with ample amounts of CFNM under a pseudo-medicinal theme will no doubt enjoy Myu-sensei's Penis Enlargement Training School. Like all other recent movies on Zenra, full, exclusive, and most important, accurate English subtitles are included for spoken dialog and on-screen captions so viewers at home can understand Myu-sensei's bizarre yet strangely take on 'natural' penis extension therapy.

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