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Addicted to Masturbation
Part One with English Subtitles

It's such a strange sensation to stand totally naked in front of a group of wide-eyed, giggling Japanese women as they point and play your erection. Being in your birthday suit in front of clothed spectators is CFNM at its core and has been a staple of enjoyment for years. However, there is something about Japanese CFNM that has not been replicated anywhere else with much success.

Although post-war Japan birthed the 'ganbaru' ('try your hardest') Shouwa era that gave way to a burgeoning, nascent economy that could only go up-up-up, it ended with a pop in the late eighties due to an obscene amount of real estate speculation and bad loans. The era that followed, known as the Lost Decade where Japan's economy entered a recession spanning well over ten years tore apart the go-getter lifetime job security Shouwa paradise and with Heisei reigning supreme, the creation of a new class of disenfranchised youth came to be: fleeters (those flitting from one part time to job to another), NEETs (not in education, employment, or training), hikikomori's, and the most important in regards to today's massive four hour exclusive English subtitled production, the herbivorous man.

The most common type of Japanese herbivorous man is essentially the far east equivalent of a metrosexual: very into fashion, young and most likely still in school, and is single with no plans to court a woman. In other words, he's as masochistic as they come.

The entire CFNM genre--at least the Japanese take on it--can thus be a direct result of the late eighties bubble popping creating a new generation of disenfranchised youth. These young men don't have a care for upper management and don't even have the urge to have a family of their own. They like safety when possible and the open arms of a matron-like female figure can solve this...even when the relationship is totally platonic.

Addicted to Masturbation is a massive and indomitable POV endeavor weighing in at over four hours with thirty scenes all featuring a salacious combination of CFNM in concert with masturbation (senzuri), teasing, handjobs, footjobs, sex toys, and more. Each scene, short as some may be, generally features a recurring theme of Japanese women in dominant situations looming over a stark naked at-attention male as he shyly pleasures himself.

One of the more unique scenes of submissive Japanese CFNM takes place through the eyes of a naive flush-faced schoolgirl with quite possibly the most unsullied and perfectly shaped breasts in existence (see sample image posted above) who innocently uses the eraser-side of a pencil to lightly finger herself while a shifty, sunglass-clad balding peeping tom covertly attempts to pleasure himself while crouching on the veranda.

Flushed and finished with what could actually be her first orgasm ever (at least this seems the case when going by the conversation that soon ensues with her older guardian), she casually glances outside and catches our ill-starred peeping tom in the act while letting out an ululating banshee howl. Her guardian bolts in and asks what caused her to shake the rafters via her supersonic caterwaul and she points to the veranda where the bottomless peeper is ineptly trying to escape.

Escape doesn't happen. Rather, her guardian beckons him in like a stray dog caught in an early March rain storm and he hesitantly enters the schoolgirl's tiny room with his hands covering his quickly shriveling manhood.

Deciding that now is a better time than ever, her guardian begins a very impromptu sexual education lesson of the male anatomy while going on about how most erotic activity occurs between partners and that the masturbating man in front of them is too pathetic to find one so he has no choice but to take care of himself. All the while our freshly orgasmed schoolgirl looks on with beet-faced guilt knowing her guardian's harsh retorts to the masturbating peeping tom could apply just as much to her.

The peeping tom is instructed to remain bottomless and show both guardian and schoolgirl how a man pleasures himself all the way to an ejaculation...all for the sake of a strange and bizarre Japanese CFNM sex ed lesson with a student population of one.

Japanese milfs and how they react to zany and heterodox CFNM situations is a common theme in Addicted to Masturbation. One type of scene that repeats several times with different amateur participants involves a milf presumably approached off the streets. While timidly sitting in a hotel room, she's instructed by a garrulous host if she'd like to help out Japanese men across the nation by taking part in his 'Encouragement Circle'. 'Many men are worried about the shapes and sizes of their manhoods and are too shy to bring this up with women but since you're with us today, could you take a look at some penises and tell us what you think?', he asks each nervously smiling volunteer.

Fortunately, they all agree not realizing that the chirpy host is the one who volte-faces into a nude model while asking them to judge his manhood both in a flaccid and erect state. He even brings out a bizarre lilac-colored sex toy that mimics the entrance of a woman's love canal turning this bizarre CFNM interview into a strange erotic, lotion-infused infomercial quickie.

Foot play and even some heavier femdom make themselves known in the latter parts of Addicted to Masturbation. Blindfolds, interesting leather equipment, and low cut hostess nightgowns all get air time as stark naked erection sporting Japanese men who squarely fit into the herbivorous category gleefully stroke themselves while attractive Japanese women watch and in some cases help via hands, tongues, and more.

Although each scene is short (most clock in at eight minutes), the trend of CFNM senzuri (masturbation while being watched) is shown in all of its lascivious forms leaving nothing to the imagination. From innocent schoolgirls who have never even seen penises before let alone hard ones that squirt strange, miasmic sticky white 'goo' to done-all seen-all hostesses on the far side of thirty who know how to bend submissive men like tall blades of grass during a hurricane, every outlet of English subtitled Japanese CFNM is explored and exploited for your viewing enjoyment.

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Addicted to Masturbation
Part Two with English Subtitles

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