Outdoors Exposure Uncensored with Subtitles

Tan Japanese Gyaru on a Daring Public Nudity Adventure

Outdoors Exposure with Rara Hontou and Mai Sakurai
With English Subtitles

Gyaru is a word thrown around very often when searching for a one word identifier for the more rambunctious and anti-society facet of the younger generation of Japanese women. In some shape and form, gyaru have been around for well over thirty years and time and time again, they reinvent themselves--or the style at least--as trends come and go. Where other fashion trends such as the Body-kon/Juliana subset of gyaru who dominated the Japanese club scene of the mid-nineties in those strange post-bubble years climaxing with Okinawan J-POP sensation Namie Amuro's breakout, gyaru as a whole have prospered without surcease.

Being tan in a land where pale has always been ideal to the point where many women walk around with sable umbrellas during the warmer months to avoid receiving their daily doses of Vitamin D was something that was looked down upon by all...but not anymore. Namie Amuro's success introduced tanning salons and with them, ganguro gyaru: dark and gaudy and as far from normalcy as one can go. Some men love 'em and others can't even find themselves stepping near them due to their funk (some ganguro gyaru have admitted to not bathe on a regular basis due to a medley of lazy reasons).

Ganguro gyaru peaked in the early 2000's and the trend of tanning has seen its ebbs and flows since then. However, for those looking for a gambol into nostalgia, today's very real public nudity production may be what you need to scratch that itch. Filmed in the early part of the new millennium when artificially darkened skin, bright colors, and audaciously lifted shoes were in vogue, two bona-fide Japanese gyaru, Rara Hontou with questionably natural red hair and her blond BFF Mai Sakurai, go on a daring smörgåsbord of indecent exposure at an actual open-for-business water park.

With them are two guy-friends: one is Hosaka who has appeared in quite a few CFNM productions on Zenra and the other gentlemen who remains nameless is a very unique character. Somewhat skeevy with his mildly crooked smile and emits an immense sugar daddy vibe, he nevertheless appears like the kind of guy one wouldn't mind calling a friend and certainly would be the 'it'-guy who knows where all the raunchy parties are being held.

The Outdoors Exposure of these two Japanese gyaru admittedly starts out relatively slowly with nipple peaks and flashes at the water park. Due to less than favorable weather conditions, the turnout of actual customers is lacking, but the park remains open for business. The initial public nudity in this production was very tame, but unlike other examples, Rara and Mai's indecent outdoor adventures are as real as they get. With actual customers around, there's only so much one can risk and these two really push it.

One of the more risky things was the bikini swap while in the group bathing pool. Amidst real water park visitors, they covertly (with the help of their two guy friends) swap bathing suits. First, bottoms and then tops and in between, minutes of raunchy fingering and squeezing in certain exposed body parts that are best covered up when in public. Later scenes show them in anything but proper bikinis taking turns jumping off a diving board.

Further water park adventures show both Japanese gyaru getting frisky in a purikura booth (short for picture club -- aka those photo booths where you can take adventurous pictures with friends and dates where everyone looks stellar due to auto-airbrushing). While remaining in their revealing bikinis, they play various games in the arcade located at the water park's entrance. To begin, there's a racing game that ends up with both topless while other arcade-goers watch on in equal parts awe and confusion. Pleasure down south commences on a strange derby game complete with vibrating seats which is followed by a rousing round of millennial techno while 'dancing' (stepping) on a DDR mat all in a real, public arcade.

As the production continues, the level of sexuality shown also rises. From outdoor blowjobs that unfortunately end early due to almost being caught to an all-out foursome in an empty adult video shop overlooking both a busy street and a low highway overpass, exposing oneself to the public is very much at play. In fact, during the video store foursome, buses on the highway overpass are so close to the windows that the mortifyingly embarrassed Rara and Mai react in shock as bus-goers--both older women on 'madame events' and salarymen--wave at them! Thus, in spite of engaging in ribald and exposed lovemaking in a private establishment, doing it up against clear windows lewdly exposed them to an uncountable number of passersby both above and below.

Outdoors Exposure with Rara Hontou and Mai Sakurai definitely is not the best productions of the decade. It's certainly not bad by any means and those looking for a pretty decent example of real public nudity--not anything setup or something using apocryphal instigators--will be pleased. The camera-work is very shaky at times and there isn't that much of a storyline. It almost feels like AV stars taking a break between actual filming for some impromptu raunchy outside challenges with nudity.

Also, as mentioned earlier, this is not a new production by any means, but if you want to enjoy a snippet of Japan in the carefree early 2000's, then definitely tune in. True blue Japanese public nudity--especially uncensored and with exclusive English subtitles--is hard to come by so enjoy Rara and Mai's Japanese gyaru take of doing all things salacious outdoors amongst real folk such as yourself.

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