Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women 89

JAV Lesbian Massages Featuring a Modesty Curtain!

Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women 89
with English Subtitles

AOYAMA MASSAGE CLINIC FOR WOMEN is one of those JAV series that just keeps on trucking.  According to GOGOS, it's been predictably popular since day one.  Now 'predictably' here means that it's popularity on a title-per-title basis has not really changed.  Outside of special editions (the ones that end in multiples of 5 like this one), there already exist a huge amount of lesbian JAV massage that fans are eager to gobble them up.

Casts are always varied which is very much welcome in a genre where most customers and massage therapists alike give off too much of a JAV star vibe.  Here, it's realism all the way both in how the customers are treated and the mannerisms of the service-oriented therapist played by Y[XXXX] S[XXX] (we're still told to keep her name secret, sorry!).  Later editions of AOYAMA see her appearing less and less unfortunately though there is no bad blood between her and GOGOS.  Rather, she's just been doing these titles for awhile and is showing signs of being ready to move on.

That brings us to a very salient piece of trivia regarding realistic Japanese AV massage titles:  finding women who can portray masseuses is actually pretty hard.  What you get more often than not is a woman who actually can massage well, but who can't talk OR one who just doesn't do anything, but talks extremely well.  Rarely do you find women who can do both at the same time and do it well.  Fortunately, YS is one such example and I hear the newer titles (that we will show eventually!) also have found eligible (and believable) therapists to fill in for her.

AOYAMA CLINIC 89's cast of customers is pretty random.  You've a young dog groomer followed by a very pretty young mother in her mid-thirties followed by an early thirties flight attendant.  Body types go from curvy to matronly to thin making this iteration of AOYAMA having something for fans of pretty much all body types.  Even paipan appears not once, but twice so for those who hate the hairy look, we've got you covered again AND again.

This release of AOYAMA does not do much in adding to the series, but it does make good use of the elements we see in later titles such as the modesty curtain.  I don't recall which title used it originally, but placing the curtain over the midsection of an embarrassed, naked, and oiled up customer while her 'delicate zone' (vagina) is treated via a 'hot sponge' (therapist's tongue) is gold.  Other titles have simply placed towels over their faces, but I think the curtain makes it even better by adding a bit more realism.  After all, the same setup is often used when visiting gynecologists in Japan so there's another element of reality dripping into this 'keeping it real' JAV title.

GOGOS keeps on releasing AOYAMA titles and going by their popularity here, we'll keep on showing them!  They're fun to work on and maintain the "this is a real massage and not JAV" vibe from start to finish (usually).  We're proud to be showing a series that pushes NOT breaking the fourth wall as hard as this one does.

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