Public Housing Rejuvenation Massage with Manami Komukai

Brothels Cannot be Operated in Government-Provided Residences!


Public Housing Rejuvenation Massage with Manami Komukai
with English Subtitles


“It wasn’t too long ago that Manami Komukai left the JAV industry.  Her time was short, but she certainly left her mark with her bright and spotless personality.  However, the moment her clothes dropped, a body decidedly wicked was revealed!  As luck would have it, We were fortunate enough to acquire one last release before she retired for good!

In one of her final titles, Manami Komukai plays a down-on-her-luck housewife running a massage clinic out of her public housing apartment.

Today’s customer's treatment started normal enough, but bit by bit, the unthinkable begins to happen...

‘Ah, I heard you offered some type of special course...’

As a matter of fact, uttering that phrase is the password needed for Manami to unveil her clinic’s forbidden ‘secret menu’!  A licentious smorgasbord of offerings become fair play.  Offerings that are far from standard fare massage options!

Soon enough, clothing was totally shed so Manami could concentrate on her customer’s most ‘sensitive’ body parts while using her own.”

-Translated and touched up blurb for today's update.

Believe it or not, the staff at ZENRA are not walking JAV encyclopedias!  Most uber-fans can out-guess and out-inform any of us when it comes to a random sampling of who's who's in the Japanese AV world at any given time.  Personally, my infatuation is more on a macro level with overall studio and industry trends rather than the comings and goings of individual players.

And that's precisely why I've never heard of MANAMI KOMUKAI until being assigned to work on this title.  Granted, her career by *any* standard was awfully short.  She wasn't even active for two years before calling it quits.  In that short amount of time, she flitted to and from various studios and even concluded her acting career with a few uncensored releases such as our update today by DREAMROOM.

I've worked on many uncensored JAV titles before that are far from amateur outings so I was pleasantly surprised to see how DREAMROOM had their game on solid when producing this title.  Production was actually pretty decent and my only complaint was at times you could hear the cameraman walking around on the tatami floor and you even saw the sliver of a staff hand in the corner for a second or two.

What I also loved was how PUBLIC HOUSING REJUVENATION MASSAGE maintained a clinical feel to it.  The second half became standard fare sex, but before that MANAMI KOMUKAI played the perfect masseuse with only the slightest hint at salacious mischief.  She really nailed this role and remained pretty much in character until the very end (there was one moment when stripping the client naked where she slightly broke character with an out of place giggle).

Being an uncensored release, you WILL see everything which is a blessing and a curse.  Being a MASSAGE title, you're going to see ample close-ups of a male client on all fours having his testicles and anus massaged.  The camera lingers there and lingers long.  A censored release would allow you to easily inject your own privates in lieu of the actor's, but this time around, that becomes harder to accomplish.

I would of loved to have the harder play leading up to sex that makes up the second half of PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECT REJUVENATION MASSAGE to be a bit more medicinal.  Instead, a metaphorical switch was activated and the actor who until then played a somewhat submissive client volte-faced into a brusque AV actor.  Thus, if you're more of a fan of 'massages with extras', you may wish to conclude watching today's update after the first segment though if you want to see some beautiful close-ups of this early thirties married Japanese woman, keep watching until the end!

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